Communist America

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Communist America

The Bolshevik Papers - The New USSR-The United States Socialist Republic

Authored by Robert M. Michael


Communism, communism, communism. Hundreds of books talk communism, and more are pouring out each day. It is the ignorance of the West repeated to the absurd; innocently, but absurd.

Please understand. No country; Russia, China, Cuba, Vietnam and others, was ever subjugated by communism. Bolsheviks were, and are, the culprit.

Communism is ideological; Bolshevism is tactical.
If you don't understand the difference, then you (we) are part of the problem.

Its over! The 247 years of a free America have ended, and no, we will not just overcome it; that is a false pride. Pride and arrogance are a major part of the problem.

The causes of the demise of free America are a simple complexity. If you don't believe or understand this then you need this book. This book, apart from all others in print, best sellers or not, sets out the complexities and ingredients of this final demise of free America.

The dagger in our heart is Bolshevism, plain and simple. Do you understand Bolshevism? If you don't, you are part of the problem for this country, your family and your progeny. If you are not happy with what has taken place in once free America then educate yourself, now.

This book is in three parts. The first part is a narrative historical and traces communism, which first came to free America in 1872 as the First International, the headquarters of world communism in New York City. It was quickly followed by the first American communist party in 1876; and it still exists today. Communism existed in the U.S. nearly three decades before it arrived in Russia.

The first part explores communism, Bolshevism, and individual communists and organizations; many of them household names. It looks at President Franklin D. Roosevelt as a communist; the ACLU as communist founded, communist staffed, communist directed in its CEO and board of directors, and communist today. Communism, and more recently Bolshevism, is still here today.

I'll repeat as it is so important. No country; Russia, China, Cuba, Vietnam and others was ever subjugated by communism. Bolsheviks were, and are, the culprit. Communism is ideological; Bolshevism is tactical.

Are you familiar with the control zone along the U.S./Canadian border? It runs from the Atlantic of Maine to the Pacific of Washington state and south 100 miles from the border. Are you familiar with the wall to be built along that entire border (except the water)? It is already cleared and construction can be completed in 6 to 8 weeks.

There are no legal protections in the zone.

The second part of the book is a series of 61 monographs (a takeoff of the Federalist Papers) covering contemporary expositions and political schemes bringing America down. These are independent and stand alone papers to be read "pick and choose".

The third part of the book is fictional reality of being in the new North American USSR; the United States Socialist Republic. It is a picture of the Bolshevik remake of once free America. It shows deprivation, subjugation, control, and the government Gulag mentality.

And who brought this on? Both Lincoln and Reagan clearly lay the blame on the generation that blinked; this generation. In Springfield, Illinois before the Young Men's Lyceum, on January 27, 1838 Lincoln unequivocally stated that one would come from among us to tear down our institutions of government and it would be by our suicide. Our only defense was for the people to be united and we are not.

This is our suicide by the first generation to fail free America.

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