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Later known to millions of television viewers as "The Little Rascals", the Our Gang series of short films were produced by the Hal Roach Studios from 1922 through 1938, when the series was sold to MGM.

This collection contains five very rare films that were made during the earliest days of the series. You'll have lots of fun as America's favorite kids get involved in all kinds of mischief, mayhem and adventure!

TELLING WHOPPERS (1926) Tuffy, the town bully, is terrorizing the neighborhood and beating up every kid who crosses his path. When the gang finally have enough, they draw lots to see who will get rid of this pest. Joe and Farina are selected and fearfully go in search of their foe to teach him a lesson. When Tuffy turns up missing (and feared dead!), Joe and Farina are afraid they'll be hanged for murder!

SEEING THE WORLD (1927) Featuring James Finlayson, Stan Laurel and Charlie Hall. Fin, the gang's teacher, dreams of winning a world tour. But when he departs he discovers, to his dismay, that the gang are coming along, too! This leads to a series of adventures and mishaps in Italy, France and England. Part comedy and part travelogue, this is a unique entry in the Our Gang series.

TEN YEARS OLD (1927) Lacking a cake for his birthday, Joe decides to bake one of his own and invites the whole gang to celebrate. When he realizes that the gang are already attending wealthy Jackie's party, he brings his cake along to Jackie's mansion. Eating it proves to be a challenge as it's a flour-spurting mess filled with household items including soap and a mousetrap! The crazy cake idea would be used again in the talkie, "Birthday Blues".

BABY BROTHER (1927) Featuring Anita Garvin and Oliver Hardy. Coming from a wealthy family, Joe has everything a boy could want - except a baby brother! When the gang discover that he's offering three dollars, they scour the neighborhood to find him one!

THE SMILE WINS (1928) Farina and his mother run a mule-powered laundry business. When his mother falls ill, the mean money lender threatens to foreclose on their house. When Farina enlists the gang's help, they decide drilling for oil is the best way to raise the money needed for bills and medicine. Long considered a lost film, this is a rare treat for Our Gang fans!

Joe Cobb, Mickey Daniels, Ernie Morrison, Allen Hoskins, Jack Davis, Jackie Condon, Mary Kornman, Bobby Hutchins, Harry Spear, Jean Darling, Mary Ann Jackson

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