Why Have the Judges Fallen?

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About the author:
Amberly M. Ruck, M.S., CRC is President of Ruck & Ruck Social Security Disability Representatives and an authorized social security disability representative. She holds a Master of Science Degree in Rehabilitation Counselor Education from Western Oregon University (2005) and is a nationally Certified Rehabilitation Counselor (CRC). She is a doctoral student at Northcentral University of Prescott Valley, Arizona, studying Business Administration with a specialization in Public Administration. She founded The Job Lady, Inc. as a private vocational consulting firm in 2005 and added Ruck & Ruck Social Security Disability Representatives in August of 2012.

Author Note:
In response to Max Rae's questions as posed in his review of this book:
Why did I wait as long as I did to publicize this information? I wanted to allow the SSA inspector general's office time to resolve the problem discreetly.

The fact that I am now representing claimants in hearings before Social Security judges is not the reason for my unwillingness to name the judges who tampered with my testimony during the time I worked as a vocational expert. The reason I have not disclosed and will not disclose the names of the judges is that I want to show them grace, the same grace I would request if I had made such a mistake, the same grace I do request because I have made mistakes. This publication disclosed the information in a manner suggestive of repentance, and I simply ask that the judges repent from this erroneous behavior.

Finally, the reason I copyrighted this publication for sale is that the extensive time commitment required in writing as complete a narrative detracted from my ability to perform my other (paying) duties. Like most people, I have to make a living.

Although I do not allow unauthorized reproduction of this entire publication, I do give permission for individuals to copy, paste, and distribute my single letter to Max Rae which is contained in the Preface of this book. I give individuals permission to copy and share the description of this book as reflected at Amazon.com. I do otherwise plan on marketing this publication heavily so that the widespread distribution needed to facilitate correction will ensue.

Thank you for reading "Why Have the Judges Fallen?"

Why Have the Judges Fallen?

Expert Witness Testimony of Corruption in Social Security Disability Adjudications

Authored by Amberly M. Ruck

The author exposes corruption in the Social Security Disability (SSD) Program. Bullyish Administrative Law Judges (ALJs) at the Social Security Administration (SSA) Offices of Disability Adjudication and Review repeatedly tampered with the witness prior to and during SSD adjudicative hearings (appeals of disabled claimants who have applied for and been denied financial benefits) by advising the vocational expert witness to attest to inaccurate, perceptibly fraudulent employment numbers (numbers of jobs on the economy individuals could perform given their residual functional capacities (RFCs) or disability-related limitations. Whereas, SSA vocational experts have routinely and inaccurately provided Department of Labor Occupational Employment Survey (OES) Census Group numbers rather than reporting the significantly smaller (more accurate) job numbers for the specific Dictionary of Occupational Titles (DOT) job listings, the vocational expert witness author of this book discovered the disparity between the exaggerated numbers and the accurate numbers and brought the disparity to light with ALJs, some of which ALJs demanded that the vocational expert continue to attest to the larger sets of numbers even though they grossly overestimated the number of jobs claimants with disability-related limitations could perform. Since the vocational expert noted that essentially all of the vocational experts in two separate states were testifying wrongfully, it is reasonable to believe that fraudulent testimony, perjury, and ALJ tampering with the witness is and has been occurring throughout the United States, perhaps for many years. As a result, potentially multitudes of claimants have been defrauded due benefits. Many such claimants may have suffered financially and otherwise, and perhaps, unable to afford their necessary medications, some have even died following receipt of fraud-based wrongful denial decisions.

Within the context of a hearing in which the author testified as a vocational expert, an attorney representative uncovered the disparity between the larger and smaller sets of employment numbers and took action. Despite attorney correspondence to the SSA Inspector General, the SSA has taken no apparent action to resolve these issues of fraud, perjury, and tampering with the witnesses. One would think SSA representatives would be anxious to correct these issues in order to avoid widespread agency embarrassment in light of the national attention the attorney's litigation received. The author testifies of her experience as a vocational expert in this matter. The author has since become a social security disability representative.

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