FOREVER STRONG, a 33:17 Tribute to the USS Indianapolis on DVD
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FOREVER STRONG, a 33:17 Tribute to the USS Indianapolis on DVD

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FOREVER STRONG, a 33:17 Tribute to the USS Indianapolis on DVD

FOREVER STRONG, a Tribute to the USS Indianapolis
#1013 in 33:17 by (c) STEPHEN MELILLO
IGNA 30 July 1945-2015, 2-3 Millennium

Story, written in Blood by those Lost at Sea & the Survivors of the USS INDIANAPOLIS.

Dedicated to the Souls, Survived & Sacrificed of the USS INDIANAPOLIS CA-35.

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In World War II, the USS Indianapolis earned 10 Battle Stars, and delivered the components of Little Boy to Tinian Island in a record-breaking cruise that would end a horrible War in the Pacific.

On the night of 30 July 1945, the Indy was struck by 2 torpedoes from Japanese Sub I-58. After 5 days and 5 nights in the crucible of grace, 317 Men were rescued. 880 were lost to the sea.

But as Men suffer and die and yet live on, so does lost, spent metal become the enduring Spirit of the USS Indianapolis, Living on... Forever Strong.

CREDITS (for Audio & Visually versions)

Painting by Irene Krauss

Images for visual version provided by:

The National Archives

Families & Friends of THE USS INDIANAPOLIS

Family of Commander Mochitsura Hashimoto

Post WWII Survivor Photographs
by Andrew Fritzinger, (c) 2007-2014

are registered trademarks & processes
of Stephen Melillo/STORMWORKS

Stella by Starlight from The Uninvited
by Victor Young 1944
Bell Bottom Trousers
WWII Radio Excerpts
appear courtesy of The Miller Nichols
Library Marr Sound Archives
of the University of Missouri-Kansas City

Eternal Father, Strong to Save
Hymn by William Whiting 1860
Music by John B. Dykes 181
Rendered by Adelmo Guidarelli
arranged for Orchestra
by (c) Stephen Melillo IGNA 30 July 2014

a Salute March to the USS INDIANAPOLIS
Music & Lyrics by (c) STEPHEN MELILLO
IGNA 30 MAY 2014, recorded JAN 2015

Rendered by
The Marine Band of the
Royal Netherlands Navy
Peter Kleine Schaars, Conductor
& The San Diego Jewish Men's Choir
Ruth Weber, Conductor

Bernardo Bicas
Shaun Edelstein
William Koepcke
Doron Peisic
David Zilberberg
Steven Brozinsky
Morris Gold
Milton Krasner
Aubrey Meyerowitz
Abraham Romanowsky
Jacob Schwartz
Ivan Strashoon

David Gmach
Grant Parlett
Albert E. Schafer
Simcha Silverstein
Dan Weiss
Mark Zickel
Moris Breziner
Brian Castle
Bernard L. Frankel
Stephen Markowitz
Matt Meis
Ivan Mendelsohn
Ivan Jack Cohen
Barry Broomberg

Cast off the lines
Grant us Godspeed to the oceans
With a Purpose that is just

Facing the foe
With the cutting bow of Freedom
And with a Sailor's constant Navy pride

Ours is the Fight
That has filled the Hearts of many
Those who sailed for Freedom's cause

We will fight our nation's battles

Hoist up the sails
Let us venture out for Freedom
Making way through calm and storm

Wind at our backs
Let us stand as stalwart shipmates

(Eternal Father)
Hear us when we cry to thee
For those in peril on the sea

With the cutting bow of Freedom


Ever Strong!

Special Thanks to the Musicians of
The San Diego Jewish Men's Choir
The Marine Band of the Royal Netherlands Navy
The Rundfunk Blasorchester Leipzig
Stormworks Symphony Orchestra
Adelmo Guidarelli

Conducted by
Peter Kleine Schaars
Ruth Weber
Stephen Melillo

Visual Editing by Andrew Fritzinger

Music by, Audio Production, Film Direction/Producton & Narrative by
(c) Stephen Melillo IGNA 30 July 1945-2015

To the families of those Lost at Sea, to the Survivors of the USS Indianapolis CA-35, to their families, friends and all who support them, and to those currently serving in the Defense of Freedom, The USS Indianapolis CA-35 and 880 of her crew never did physically return to the Golden Gate... the one here that is. In Heaven and in our Hearts, the ship and her crew will always be coming home to loving, waiting arms. With that Message and in that Purpose, this work is lovingly offered.


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