Honey B., Sexual Consultant

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KathleenK.xxx online catalog of erotic-sexotic books for the rowdier reader. Not suitable for some, appreciated by others.

About the author:
Kathleen K. has created a diverse library online through KathleenKBooks.com. Her wide-ranging collection features a mix of narrative fiction centered on family life (The Lent Hand), character study (Joody), domestic life (Stainless Mary), literate erotica (Dark Prince, Heed Thy Queen) and the counterculture fictional memoir of Stoner with a boner (It's a Long Story), the older-sibling book of Stoner's Bone of Contention (The Weightless Joint).

The Lunarium offers sixty-nine vignettes of voyeurism detailing one man's memories of the watchers and the watched.

Sweet Talkers (Words from the Mouth of a Pay-to-Say Girl) is classified as curiosa, her nonfiction first-person account of managing a phone sex business and working the line. It remains an online collectible now in its 3rd Edition.

Transplanted to the Pacific Northwest from the Great Lakes basin, Kathleen K. is a product of the small-press poetry culture with a background in alternative publishing. Her vivid use of language captures characters while life itself provides the twists and turns. She has mastered make-believe. She makes you believe she's a tow truck driver who falls in love with a shattered family. She makes you believe she's a grocer with an after-hours fondness for reefer and romance. She makes you believe she's a divorced empty nester wondering if her lady-plumbing dictated her destiny.

Kathleen K. drops readers into situations as diverse as the world of Honey B., Sexual Consultant, and of Lee Chin who takes us on a law-office safari. These books are not linked by theme or genre, this is a rich collection of all-age and adults-only offerings comprising decades of production. Sharp dialog, elegant prose and a sassy attitude give the audience credit for reading between, around and beyond the lines.

Consistently praised for her ability to capture tone and emotion, Kathleen K. is a strong voice in contemporary fiction.

KathleenK.com and KathleenK.xxx are online catalogs (separated to honor the diversity in readers), reuniting at KathleenKBooks.com for contact, samples and background information.

These Private Publications are varied in topic but easily identifiable as Words Arranged by Kathleen K.


Honey B., Sexual Consultant

Authored by Kathleen K.
Edition: 1

"Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Honey B. I used to make love for a living. Then I retired, I guess you could say I quit fucking around. I was moving away from the genitalia ghetto, I got the idea I could live easier in a more cerebral neighborhood. I decided to become a sexual consultant because my experience had taught me some basic facts of life. (1) Acts of sex could be considered like snowflakes: no two are alike and their lifespans are not impressive. (2) If left to their own devices, people forget to charge their batteries. (3) Audacity is its own reward. I had managed to hit the high road as a sex pro, I expected no less when I switched to sharing sensual secrets for profit. Sexotic counseling is not the norm, you can find a tutor for math and a trainer for fitness but it isn't "done" to ask for help in making love... I give Frank advice about Dick."

Honey B., Sexual Consultant is the "anchor" book of a quintet celebrating the wit and wisdom of a call-girl turned erotic advisor. We meet her in the first book Honey B., The Suite Life, now she's back in Book II. This vintage Boomer porn is a witty take on human appetite and capacity for fantasy and delusion.

This is inventive, intelligent, inclusive erotica mixing the graphic with the romantic in vivid vignettes. A rowdy kaleidoscope of frank sexuality and sly innuendo, reflecting and refracting what is nice about naughty. You are invited to enjoy this bedside reader for the adult mind.

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1494412098 / 9781494412098
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US Trade Paper
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5.25" x 8"
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Fiction / Erotica / General

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