Joe Public's Political Perspective

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About the author:
Never knew what it was in life that I really wanted to do...guess that had something to do with my Appalachian roots in East Tennessee, a broken family, and so much mobility. Saw a lot of cowboy movies as a kid and thought about acting for awhile. Loved to sing and thought about being a singer. Being an actor or a singer meant there would be audiences, and I was a bashful boy who wasn't too comfortable in crowds. Wanted to be a fireman. Wanted to be a cop. A professional golfer. A tennis pro. The 'want list' just kept changing.

My dreams were fleeting because I was a fickle fellow whose roots never got too deep anywhere, any time. So. when those East Tennessee hills were behind me and that big adult world opened up to me, well, it kind of overwhelmed me. There were so many Appalachian and bible belt emotions conflicting inside of me that made me easy and ready to make a lot of mistakes. Make them, surely did, too many to enumerate, and my guess is I've been blaming old Appalachia, the hills of East Tennessee, the broken family, the mobility, all the emotions laid upon me, for this rather wanderlust life that I've been having. Guess I've always been chasing that something that was missing in those long ago days.

With the mistakes, there were successes and honorable service to my country in the US Navy. The successes, in my way of thinking, were: a college BA degree with a major in English; high school teaching; sales and marketing management positions with some of our top educational publishers; my own business; and, after several attempts, a wonderful wife and extended family. The most exhilarating success has been my writing ten books. The writing has allowed me to purposefully wander through some simple plot lines and characters' lives to explore my own dimensions, to discover some things about myself I had never really considered. Up front, I'll state too brashly for some, my books are good, well written, and easy to read. Sure, the critics, even I, will still find the occasional errata that most writers disdain. There is nothing, however, that has given me more pleasure than turning a phrase that says everything I want it to say, to re-read a passage that brings back some emotional echoes.

So, you have a short bio glimpse of Billy Ray Chitwood, an Appalachian kid who ate some emotional soup and spent a lifetime trying to digest it. For another sketch, please go to and

Joe Public's Political Perspective

Authored by Billy Ray Chitwood

"Joe Public's Political Perspective" is a book of observations from a citizen and a person who does not apologize for his conservative leanings. However, the author of this book understands that one political party does not hold all the answers to critical issues facing our nation. The current Democratic president, his administration and Democratic-controlled Senate have created in this person's opinion many problems in a number of areas.

The author could be accused of ranting and raving as he comments on some of our very important issues. While members of both parties without question have contributed to costly legislation, too much wasteful spending, an entitlement mentality, this current president, his liberal supporters, and his his entire administration have been evasive, inept, irresponsible, and continually in a campaign short, the American people have not been served well by the people they elected to serve them.

The most egregious problem this administration has created is the Affordable Care Act, or, the euphemistically labeled 'Obamacare'. The author believes this act does more to harm our way of life than any piece of legislation in our history. The act was created in a shadowy 'supremacy' of liberal leaders of Democrat-persuasion, thousands of pages of costly mandates, little understood at its initial stages and likely not read by very many of the people in congress who work for us. As most people will know by now, the ACA had a woe begotten launch and will likely lead to doctor shortages, and costly insurance premiums. There is no doubt in the author's mind that this law is a precursor to 'Single Payer' healthcare.

The author writes about the ACA and many other subjects that face our country - Education and its all powerful union, The war on terror, religion, the economy, and others.

There is no claim in the author's comments to any political expertise. He has lived a long life, has seen many political turnovers in power. He is, like so many others, concerned about the future direction of this great nation and felt the need to make his observations known.

The author has written this book because he cares about the United States and its future. He does not wish to see further erosion to the ideals most Americans hold dear - Freedom - Liberty - The Pursuit of Happiness.

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