Signs Of The Beast

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About the author:
Decades ago a ten year old boy dragged a small sled with a huge log of firewood through a freezing cold wintry forest terrified and scared by the blood-curdling shrieks, squeals, screeches and howls from unknown and unseen beasts roaming the forest. "Boar", his father said. "If they come any closer, climb the nearest tree". The boy ran for his life dropping his precious cargo in the process.
Decades later on an early spring morning during an outing with the local forester, now a young man, the author caught a brief glimpse of a compact dark, bison shaped creature moving quickly and silently over the swampy forest floor as if it were floating. "Boar", the forester whispered.

Ever since Peter Jaeckle has been fascinated by wild boar, their ways, their life, their resilience and their intelligence. Since then the author has studied these often maligned animals whenever and wherever possible in order to eventually share his knowledge of boar with other people. Today wild boar populations have grown so much all over the world to be an inherent danger to the environment, agriculture and people.
On the other hand, boar are among the ultimate survivors. They share this privilege with rats and roaches - a somewhat dubious honor.

Boar are very tasty. Hunters considered them a valuable food source for thousands of years.

Peter Jaeckle writes his boar books with these hunters in mind. He wrote one of the first digital books on hunting wild boar in California back in the early nineties when the Internet and digital books were still in their infancy. His trademark series 'On Hunting Boar' with three books followed. The series consists of boar hunting manuals that expand on specific hunting methods, techniques and equipment.

Peter Jaeckle is the editor and publisher of California Hunting Post, a scheduled publication on all things boar, big game hunting, hunting and fishing in general and on the protection of habitats and the environment.

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Signs Of The Beast

Authored by Peter Jaeckle Ph.D.
Edition: 2

"Signs of the Beast", the first boar hunting tutorial in the series 'On Hunting Boar', is a primer on locating specific wild pig populations in known pig country by finding, interpreting and using the signs they leave behind. This anthology of boar and wild pig hunting explains in great detail and with over 70 pictures the many signs wild pigs leave behind, how to interpret them correctly and how to locate boar more reliably.
You will learn
- behavioral patterns of boar and wild pigs,
- how to use these patterns to bag more game,
- to recognize the many signs wild pigs leave behind,
- the difference between tracks from a small calf, deer and boar,
- what trails and wallows tell you,
- the science of rubs,
- how to tell a dominant big boar is around,
- what rooting can tell you,
- to determine the best place for an ambush,
- to discover the exact location of wild pigs,
- and more.

This primer complements the author's first book "Wild Boar In California - Where And How To Hunt".

While "Wild Boar In California" guides you to known locations of boar populations on private and public land in California in general, 'Signs Of The Beast '
shows you specifically how to find and track a group of wild pigs within that general location.

Third revised, updated and expanded edition.

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0895321254 / 9780895321251
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US Trade Paper
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6" x 9"
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