The Timmy Uppet Show - Halloween Special
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The Timmy Uppet Show - Halloween Special

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The Timmy Uppet Show - Halloween Special

The Timmy Uppet Show Halloween Special. Learn letters, numbers, patterns with bats, spiders, pumpkins and ghosts. Also learn about creepy things with Mr. Stitches.

- This is so silly it's son loves it.....thank you !

- "We watch you on youtube all the time anyway, Scottie's faves this week are, It's good to be a Kid "His first sentence by the way!" I couldn't believe it! He said "It's good be a kid", the most words he ever put together...and also I can't find my shoes, the word pink and he says helicopter, a 4 syllable word because of your video! He is only 22 months old! Thank you!"

- The part with the shapes is super!!!!!!!!!!!! I will use this video and activity next week in my classes!!!!!!!!!!!!

- My 3 year old loves them, especially the Monster Truck ones. I have found myself watching them and laughing, when the one puppet (woman?) with the big eyes keeps laughing and saying yeah,um yeah, and even the Wheels On The Bus song. We like the old man, and the others too. They keep his attention, and he learns also. Keep up the good work!

Timmy Uppet

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