Consciousness and the Art of Knowing

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About the author:
The Light Beings speaking about themselves: "We normally do not sense any kind of individuality as you would perceive it. We are an energy that combines many different elements to make up what you would call a group. Our interests are similar, and that is what brings us together. Egos and personalities do not exist in the way that it impedes you human kinds. When you ask a question, it is as though many so called signals join to give you an answer, and it may not be from any specific entity but a joining of efforts, so to speak. This information comes to you in a different way than in some of the so called channels. They may receive an individual entity that speaks through the physical body, and the personality is taken on by the entity that acts as a vehicle. That would be possible for Joyce, but it is not what she chose as her method of receiving information. She chose before this incarnation to continue working with the beings that she originally came from. We have no so called investment in creating a personality or creating specific ways of speaking. We simply want to give information that will be helpful in moving Joyce and others that may decide to participate forward in this shift of the earths' plane, and hope through such communication to give some practical guidance as well." (1996)
Joyce B Cary earned degrees in psychology and business management, choosing the path of business. Being a born entrepreneur, she had her own business in the art world for 8 years and then decided to try the corporate life. She worked in corporate as an executive for the next 15 years. In 1989 she had a serious auto accident and within a month started receiving information through automatic writing. She was concerned, due to her psychology background, that something was amiss in the brain, but after really examining the readings she realized the information was not only valid but extremely helpful in making decisions. After 1989 she lived a double life, studying sound, color and other subtle energy techniques, and receiving channeled information concerning energy and the quantum world, while continuing to work in the corporate world. In 1999 she exited the corporate world to devote her life to working in subtle energy products in a business environment. In 2012 she began consistently receiving channeled information on expanding the consciousness and the social order with this book being the result.

Consciousness and the Art of Knowing

Authored by Joyce B. Cary
Edition: 1

Channeled Information: A Light Beings Book

Table of Contents:

Forward by the Light Beings
1. A Journey into True Consciousness;
Energetic Change on the Planet
2. The Knowing
3. The Evolution of Consciousness;
Beginning of Separation,
Birth of Reasoning,
Beliefs and Reasoning,
Three Areas of Consciousness
4. Expansion vs. Raising of Consciousness;
Expansion of Mind,
Integration of the 3 Levels of Consciousness,
Consciousness and Knowingness,
5. Oneness;
Life Contracts,
Change in Relationships
6. The Body;
Physical Pain,
The Body, Stress, and Consciousness;
Eating Consciously,
Do No Harm,
Small Steps Create Change
7. The Mind;
Limitations of Belief
8. The Spirit;
Power and Control vs. Doing No Harm
9. Love or Fear;
A Different Direction,
Examine Your Fears
10. Change and Cultural Beliefs;
Expansion of Consciousness Accelerates,
The Influence of External Energies,
Cultural Beliefs,
Discomfort of Change,
Intention Expands You
11. Choices;
Polarity and Choice
12. Separateness;
Separateness and Power,
Education and Privilege,
Your Relationship with the Social Order
13. Integration of Mind, Body and Spirit;
Simple Steps
14. Relationships;
Life Changes and Relationships,
Share Your Thoughts,
Growth in Relationships
15. Three Areas of Consciousness;
The Herd Instinct,
The Connection,
Reclaiming Your Childhood Knowingness
16. Doubts and Fears;
Questioning Change,
Confronting Doubts
17. The Journey;
What is Consciousness?
A Great Shift - New Concepts,
Solitary Path,
Continued Expansion;
About the Light Beings;
About My Channeling;
Appendix: Light Beings' Group Reading 9-13-2001;

Overview: In 1989 the author received unexpected messages through automatic writing and eventually began an unconscious process with entities that called themselves "Light Beings" that led to hundreds and hundred of readings both personal and for others who asked for guidance. Many times the entities indicated they had made contact with the channel to share information that had to do with the social order of the day and the possibilities of the human being overcoming many of the present difficulties in the culture, government, and family units by expanding the consciousness. Over a year ago the author was awakened frequently in the middle of the night with messages that have ultimately become the book on expanding the consciousness. Much of the information is not new but is presented in a very clear and straight forward manner that grabs the attention. The language is not flowery or obtuse, and sometimes even blunt in the effort to get a point across. Some will find the information controversial, even objectionable; but regardless of the viewpoint of the reader if there is an open mind to the information it will not be possible to remain in same psychological state as before reading the book. It demands a certain amount of contemplation and the consequence can be one of positive change. It also makes it clear that a chosen path of expansion is not always the easy road, but ultimately worth the time, energy, and change it demands. And if enough people take the challenge it may be possible to truly see a change in the social order.

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