A Fistful of Magic

A Fistful of Magic

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A Fistful of Magic

A Fistful of Magic delivers a powerful five-knuckle punch to your audience with a knockout performance of close-up magic!

Instant matrix - Four half dollars placed in a coin box instantly disappear and assemble under four facedown cards.

Haunted matches - A match box and book eerily animates in the performers hand before it is offered to a spectator.

Impromptu linking finger rings - Two borrowed finger rings (or key rings) can be instantly linked and unlinked at the command of the performer.

Transparent card box - Effortlessly exchange cards, billets, or other small and flat items with the aid of this apparently innocent looking device.

Queen Matrix - The four queens from a regular-sized red-backed deck are covered with those from a jumbo blue-backed deck. Instantly the four regular-sized queens disappear from under their matching jumbo-sized cards and reappear under a fifth card, the king of hearts.

These effects require the purchase of inexpensive items.
No difficult moves to learn.
Great tricks for the novice to advanced performers.

Magic instructional DVD /2015/Approximately 45 minutes.

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