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Merrick REESA Energy Solution

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Merrick REESA Energy Solution

The Solution To Government and Business Resources

Authored by Daniel W Merrick PhD

Reverend Captain Daniel W Merrick PhD is no stranger to government or economics with a long standing family history in law and government and his first book "Instructions To Money From Welfare To Millionaire". As Dan saw the misfortune of government policies erode the economy since he first wrote that book, he has been an advocate for small business and personal liberties. His motivational methods along with his call for political reforms, has awarded him a visit to the White House as well as a seat at the table on ideas for better government and business policies. This book is Dan's best solutions for the problems that cause great debate in Washington DC. Dan shows how government can solve problems rather than create them and foster achievement and freedom with a totally different REESA Solution. Dan says "If we are going to save the American economy, get this book in the hands of your senator, congress member, and every politician that will read it and apply it's tools". In every conversation with the American people, after Dan explained this idea and solution to them, they have asked him to run for President and pledged their vote to him. This is the reaction that inspired Dan to write this book, and set the goal of getting it's ideas into the heads of every politician and leader in the hopes of economic recovery and restoring personal liberty to We The People.
Dan shows in this book how governments and businesses can use these tried and true methods to overcome finance and funding problems through innovative and creative use of techniques that have helped build America for over 400 years and proven successful by business leaders and small businesses world wide. This book will show all who read it how restoring the means of production to all the people will result in less need for taxes and greater levels of education and inspiration for future generations.

"NEO-COMS are not like DOT COMS. NEO-COMS are the nanny state controling spirit leftist leaders who want to micromanage everything in a dictatorship of big government that worships at the alter of marxist ideals. Although grandeous in theory and lofty in it's goals, it has never worked outside the original context that marx observed it in. You see before the Marxist economic model failed in 1989 at the fall of the Berlin Wall, it had failed before in Italy and Nazi Germany. Socialism walks hand and hand with communist dictators who always fail to understand the fallen human nature of the unrepentant soul. For before those failures, it failed at Plymoth Rock where the communist sharing of wealth crashed and burned in over 49 deaths and a lack of food. That is when Gov Bradford, My forefather, gave each a plot of land to work and build the means of production which caused plenty to break out and began the revolution of reward for a job well done. Found in scripture before this, Marx observed the community of believers for some time and saw how they shared all their goods and food with each other out of love and brotherhood of the faith. Marx thought, if we could only transfer that experience into government, the world would be a better place. Yet Marx failed to see, it only works when all the people work together in unity and cooperation with a repented soul. Outside of FAITH, ... nanny-crats that want to control everyone with totolitarian laws, policies, ...people lose sight of equal reward and success for a job or idea appropriate for the amount of labor and risk of investment. ... found in the pages of the Bible, that the greater reward goes to those who do the greater tasks and take the greater risks, who desire to reap the rewards of ownership of the means of production. ... Had Marx said, I will work for the truth of the Kingdom of God, and converted the world for this message of love and brotherhood, then his idea of spiritual justice with rewards and freedom from dictators to form a government my have worked. Then again, some men in 1776 already did that."

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1494843668 / 9781494843663
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US Trade Paper
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5" x 8"
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