India Short Stories - Vol. 1&2
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India Short Stories - Vol. 1&2

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India Short Stories - Vol. 1&2

India is a beautiful obsession. Chaos, funny, sexy, colorful, sad, human and joy.
Toss in the beautiful and crazy street fashions. You have not seen India presented in this way.

From two-time Audience Favorite Award winning filmmakers and producers, Joe Mickey and Sazzy Varga, enjoy this collection of stunning and inspiring visual stories while you watch India come alive.

India short stories were collected on film during two and a half years in India. Volumes 1 and 2 have been combined on this disc and make a great companion to "India 101 - Hosted by Sazzy Varga"

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Joe Mickey and Sazzy Varga are two-time Audience Favorite filmmakers/producer gathering the most views over a year at the annual Culture Unplugged online film festival.

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