The Gangster of Love

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About the author:
Journalist Drs Vincent J.M. Bakker (Amsterdam, 1948) studied economic sociology and published five books about economic affairs, including a study about the Economics of Love and the Red Light District (1996).
"As a John I became interested in the difference between paid and unpaid sex", the author explains. "My conclusion: if you pay in advance, we call it insensitive prostitution, if you pay afterwards it was a loving marriage."
He became intrigued by another John. Love bandit John Watson turned the rules upside down, girls paying him for his love.
The author was the first to introduce graphics in Dutch journalism, to clarify economic affairs (1976) and he was the first research journalist, enabled to study an item in the business world for months. He unmasked the way life insurance industry cheated clients with false profit promises, including home buyers, the start of the world crisis since 2008 ("Uw geld en uw leven", Your money and your life, 1977-1978).
He revealed how Exxon and Shell conquered private ownership of a Dutch public wealth, natural gas (1983).
In his book on the crash of capitalism ("De Krach van het Kapitaal", 1985) he announced the collapse of the freewheeling financial system, that took place 23 years later. With the support of former managing director of the International Monetary Fund, dr H.J. Witteveen, Vincent Bakker argued that the disrupted balances of payments between countries will cause a world crisis. The credit of a "healthy" country causes the sickness of a country with a deficit, who has to loan from the rich. Countries like the Netherlands and China don't use their earnings for their own consumption or investments, but send their money to the USA, where banks did foolish things.
Bakker undermined creative forms of capitalism in several articles, for instance describing how a bank in a "public private partnership" made the building costs of new prisons four times more expensive, a loss for the State of one billion dollars (1994).
"About music I don't know much. I had to write Watson's bio, now my music colleagues are disinterested."
Based on his bio and video collection, Canadian Deltatime Productions is in development of "a theatrical documentary feature investigating the controversial life and musical heritage of the original Gangster of Love". Director Summer Love cooperates with Watson's daughter Virginia. The subtitle is a tick away from author's bio: "The Player, Preacher and Pimp."

The Gangster of Love

Johnny "Guitar" Watson, Performer, Preacher, Pimp EXTENDED EDITION

Authored by Vincent Bakker
Edition: 2

The only biography of Johnny "Guitar" Watson (1935-1996) paints an intriguing portrait of the American blues funk composer. His fans appreciate his historical role in black American music. Rappers honored him with samples. In this book tens of musicians reveal the life story of the struggling guitarist who became eternal with "Gangster Of Love" and "A Real Mother For Ya".
Besides hundreds of others, the love bandit had three First Ladies he lived with for years. They tell their untold love stories and explain how they stimulated his music as Muse, and how they financed his music business as Maecenas, helping him to produce gold albums by working as prostitute, thief or booster. His musicians reveal: how did he compose his incredible oeuvre?
This book includes:
* The first complete Discography with 284 songs,
* Hundreds of songs composed or produced by Watson for others, songs he features on, his songs covered or sampled by others,
* Index with hundreds of related artists,
* Extended stories of FRANK ZAPPA on John Watson and Watson on Zappa,
* 660 References,
* 300 Illustrations, of which 4 in full color.
EXTENDED EDITION (First Edition April 2009), corrected by music author Fred Rothwell (GB) with 50% more pages and 150% more Illustrations.

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