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About the author:
I'm a Coloradan, living and working in Ridgway, Colorado. I wrote some books that were "serious" (such as "About Phillip"--on Kindle for 99 cents), but then got the fantasy bug. Why fantasy? Because I can stretch myself to my limits and have great fun doing so!

I stumbled on the idea for the flying broomstick series while attending a long and boring meeting. By the time I was on the airplane home, I was feverishly writing down everything I could remember from my daydreams. The result is "The Story of the Great American Flying Broomstick, Book 1: Genesis." Since then I've added "Book 2: The Missing Wand," and "Book 3: FOG at the Crossroads." The books reflect my outlook on life: humor, pluck, and willingness to try most anything.

The most frequent comment I get from readers is that they seem so real. One reader, a retired Air Force Colonel and long-time pilot, told me that I got all the flying scenes exactly right. In fact, regarding the trip to Las Vegas in the first Broom book, he was convinced I had to have flown the route myself in a small aircraft. (Nope, but I sure did study a bunch of maps!) Others say that when they drive up to my house, they fully expect to see me on the broom, hovering overhead! So, if that sort of fun is up your alley, dive right in. All three books in the "Story of the Great American Flying Broomstick" series are available for only a buck apiece on Kindle. Download today!

I've released a new book, "The Unexpected Traveler," available exclusively on Kindle. "The Unexpected Traveler" is quite different from the Broom books. Rather than being set in Ouray County, Colorado, it's set in its own mythical world. It's also more serious and takes on a set of themes around struggle and redemption, adding a depth not in the more humorous and light-hearted Broom books. I'd call it an "epic, action-adventure" fantasy, including all the relevant battle scenes. I've noticed that fantasy books these days are lengthy because readers love to sink into them for long and comfortable good times. And "The Unexpected Traveler" won't disappoint! Yep, it's $4.99, about the cost of lunch at a fast food restaurant, but it'll provide lots of entertainment and it's probably more nourishing!

Check out the books on Kindle. There are only a couple paperback copies left of the first Broom book on Amazon, and those won't be replenished. Yep, I'm going exclusively e-book. And, yes, I'm working on a sequel to "The Unexpected Traveler!"

The Handwritten Book

A Three on a Broomstick Adventure

Authored by David Casler
Cover design or artwork by Loretta Casler

John, Conan, and Alex, all age 10, create a broomstick from instructions in the handwritten book they get from an elderly fortuneteller at a Mædieval Faire near Manchester, England. She sees them flying a broomstick in her crystal ball and insists the book must be theirs, much to the dismay of her brother, Marco. Marco dogs the boys, attempting to retrieve the book, which contains secret after secret about magic, but the boys elude him and construct their flying broomstick. The key to getting the broomstick to work is to place it atop the highest tower at Castle Alox at midnight during the full moon. The broomstick must be covered with goat entrails and a dead snake, and lightning must strike the tower at midnight. But where is Castle Alox? Will they get away from the evil Marco? This book tells all! A little background: The books in my fantasy series, called The Story of the Great American Flying Broomstick (available on Kindle), make frequent reference to a series of books--and the resulting movies--called Three on a Broomstick. The idea is that the hero of the American Flying Broomstick books is motivated and inspired by the eight young-adult books and movies in the Three on a Broomstick series. Its putative author, Alec Pringle, writes one of these books every year, detailing the adventures of John, Conan, and Alex, who possess a flying broomstick and use it for wondrous and magical adventures. The boys create their broomstick following instructions in a handwritten book given to them by an old fortune teller. And the Three on a Broomstick books are turned into movies by the fictional High Summit Motion Pictures. You can learn all about it in the American Flying Broomstick series. The Three on a Broomstick series was not intended to exist in reality—it was only a literary device. That is...until now. This is the first book in the Three on a Broomstick series, The Handwritten Book. Yes, there is a book within this book. And since this book is within the American Flying Broomstick series, the old, handwritten book is a book within a book within a book. And it’s full of magic.

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0615965636 / 9780615965635
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