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Pro Audio Mastering Made Easy

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Pro Audio Mastering Made Easy

Give Your Mix a Commercial Sounding Finish Without Buying More Gear

Authored by David S Eley

Review via email from Earle Holder, award winning Mastering Engineer at HDQTRZ Mastering Studios, Mastering Engineer for Public Enemy, and creator of the 'Har-Bal' Harmonic Equaliser:

"Hello David

I have always believed that one is never too old to learn something new. I purchased your material because it appeared that you have a real passion for your craft as do I.

I thought your tutorials were well written and easily understood. The area that I read where you stated that you were mastering a project for an individual over a three year period was priceless. I was easily able to relate to your dilemma of constantly improving your craft and the need to go back and redo the previous masters because you were constantly learning and becoming more proficient.

There is plenty of business to go around so I support my fellow mastering engineers who appear to be honorable.

Both of your books were a breath of fresh air and I will be sure to tell others who are getting started in this wonderful field to purchase your books.


Earle Holder
Chief Mastering Engineer
HDQTRZ Mastering Studios

Some reviews via social media:

Jacob Longoria via Twitter: "Your information has taken me from trying to figure it out, to getting it done with repeat clients. Thank you!"

Christian Ghahremanian via FaceBook: "Hi David!
I´ve already purchased your second book, thx. I just write to you to say thanks!
I really love dynamic stuff and I admire Bob Katz´s effort for his K-Measurement - but I always had problems to hold the pressure at 0... no matter which K-standard I were trying to use...
After reading your books and refreshing all the stuff I´ve already learnt years ago, I finally don´t have a problem anymore to master considering Ks standard, and my works sound great now!.. Thanks David that you´ve written
books like this...they are really educating and well written - good job!
Christian Ghahremanian"

And many more great reviews on the author's website.

Message from the author:

Most people don't have access to racks of high end mastering equipment, you're probably one of them. Websites like YouTube and SoundCloud are fuelling an explosion in the amount of DIY producers uploading their music to the internet. This is great for audio mastering engineers as it means there's plenty of work to go around, but some artists struggle to afford to pay for professional mastering every time they want to upload a new track for their fans to listen to.

This book explains and demonstrates how to achieve a commercial sounding finish using software found in any typical home/project studio. You may wonder if that's possible but I know it can be done. I started an audio mastering business using nothing more than standard plugins and clever techniques. Customers loved my work and kept coming back. Over time as my business built up, I was able to buy more expensive equipment, but I still stick to the original techniques that I know will get a commercial sound, no matter what tools are used. Here's why:
About the first 90% of getting that commercial sound is technique. The final 10% is the tools you use. So before you go and buy the most expensive compressor and EQ, it's a lot more financially worthwhile to instead invest some 'time' rather than money into learning the techniques used to get a commercial sounding finish. It can be done with what you already possess.

Is this book for you?

1. Containing hot topics like how to get it REALLY loud and still sound spacious and dynamic.

2. Reveals how a mix should sound to produce a commercial volume and radio quality master.

3. Explains how psychoacoustic manipulation can be used to spread sound all around the listener.

4. Provides you with everything you need to know to get your final sound as big as your fattest tune in your iTunes library - never have to pay for mastering again.

Pro Audio Mastering Made Easy is a product of David S Eley Ltd.

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149592100X / 9781495921001
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