World Music Class (2015)

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About the author:
Teo Vincent IV composes serene chiming songs, futuristic fusions, and complex rhythmic exercises for astounding dexterity. You will thoroughly enjoy the balance of technology, virtuosity and flowing lyrical melodic lines in this volume of timely, diverse songs and studies.

Vincent and the Givnology Charmony Division team have combined over half a century of expert experience in performing, composing, arranging and teaching. From this great wealth of knowledge and learning technologies we have expert knowledge with practical tips and techniques for a diverse array of musical and cultural uses.

Accompaniment chords and guitar fret-boards have been added to many songs allowing those who love music to understand it much better, and have a fun introduction to harmony, chordal song construction and integrate classical and other forms of music in their awareness.

The World Music area includes Latin & Caribbean ensemble tips & improvisation techniques. Percussion diagrams clearly show how all of the percussion instruments relate to each other, giving understanding of musical arrangement from a rhythmic perspective.

This volume is excellent for classroom study and exercises, private lessons, and self-study.

The goal of the creators is to uphold the beautiful traditions of creating, performing, enjoying and sharing the timeless gift of music and musical cultures.

Passing on this joy and gift of making, understanding and enjoying the great feeling of music is a success in itself.

May the great art of music be passed on and enliven all who wish it!

World Music Class (2015)

The Aspire Higher Project

Authored by ARTTSI Institute

Vincent and the Givnology Charmony Division team have combined over half a century of expert experience in performing, composing, arranging and teaching. From this comes practical tips and techniques for a diverse array of musical and cultural uses. World Music Class is a very extensive all-in-one primer, history, reference and songbook for a wide variety of music.


Resolmilafatimila (Form Figure No. 1), Pattern, Chords & Analysis, 3 staves.

World Music Mastery, Patterns for playing with anyone, Piano, Chords, Guitar Fret-boards & Analysis, 1 page.

Latin Piano (Montuno) 101, C I-IV-V-IV major & minor (with I-ii-V-ii variation), 2 staves.

Montuno Circles Makes Blues Scale, Piano, Chords & Analysis, 2 staves.

Yorùbá Diasporas, Flowery Salsa & Rumba Parts, Piano, Chords & Afro-Caribbean Rumba Percussion Rhythmic Diagram, 5 pages.

Calypso Study in Soca (Soul-Calypso), Piano, Soloist, Chords, Guitar Fret-boards & Calypso Rhythmic Diagram, 1 page.

Yemaya Orisha Ocean Goddess, Sacred Song Piano Solo, 3 pages.

Montuno Etude #1, Piano Solo, 1 page.

Swing Montuno, Advanced Stylistic Fusion, Piano, Chords & Bembe Percussion Roles Rhythmic Diagram, 2 pages.

Montuno Etude #2, C Major I-VI-ii-V, Piano Solo, 1 page.

Calypso Circles (Guitar Chucks), Piano and Chords, 1 page.

Soca Clav (Soul-Calypso Keyboard Chuck), Keyboard, 3 staves.

Super Clavinet Technique, Keyboard, Chords and Guitar Fret-boards, 1 page.

Affirmatinas: Everything's Going Perfectly Now & Ever More, Piano, Vocal, Guitar Chord Fret-board, 1 stave.

Having What I'm Wanting, Wanting What I'm Having, Piano, Vocal, Chords & Guitar Fret-boards, 3 staves.

Bossanova Study/Etude: Lost In Love, Piano, Vocals, Chords. 2 pages.

Affirmatina Song "My Successes Are Here," Piano, Lyrics and Chords, 2 pages.

Classical Derivative Affirmatina #1, "I Manifest My Destiny," Piano and Vocals, 1 page.

#2, "Chopin Made A Way," Piano and Vocals, 1 page.

#3, "Let It Be's" (Liebestraum), Piano and Vocals, 2 staves.

Chamber Concertoo in D Major, RV 93, Antonio Vivaldi, Piano, Chords and Guitar Fret-boards, 2 pages.

Che Farò Senza Euridice?, Christoph Willibald Gluck, theme reduction to Piano Solo, 1 page.

L'Inferno (Winter) from The 4 Seasons, Antonio Vivaldi, Piano, Chords and Guitar Fret-boards, 1 page.

Il Trionfo del Tempo e del Disanganno (The Triumph of Truth & Time) "Lascia la spina..", George Frederic Handel, Piano, Vocals, Chords & Cello, 2 pages.

Les Baricades Misterieuses, by Francois Couperin, Piano Solo, 2 pages.

Gelido in Ogni Vena, from Farnace by Antonio Vivaldi, Piano, Chords & Vocals, 3 pages.

Song To The Moon, from Rusalka, by Antonin Dvorak, Piano and Chords, 1 page.

Clarinet Concerto in A Major, the Adagio, by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Piano Solo, 2 pages.

Laudate Dominum, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Piano, Latin Lyrics and Chords, 3 pages.

The Magic Flute, The Priest's Aria, Piano, Lyrics and Chords, 1 page.

Ave Maria (Ellens Gesang for Sir Walter Scott poems), Franz Schubert, Piano, Latin Vocals and Chords, 2 pages.

Casta Diva from Norma, by Vincenzo Bellini, Piano, Vocals and Chords, 2 pages.

Andante Moderato from Symphony #9, by Ludwig Van Beethoven, Piano Solo, 1 page.

Adagio from Symphony #1, by Georges Bizet, Piano Solo, 1 page.

Romeo and Juliet Overture, Pyotr Tchaikovsky, Piano Solo, 1 page.

Andalucia, by Ernesto Lecuona, Piano and Chords, 1 page.

Carmen's Habanera by Bizet (Adapted to teach percussion), Vocals, Chords, Guitar Fret-boards, Claves and Percussion, 2 pages.

Yemaya & Santa Lucia by Capua (Adapted to teach percussion), Yórùbá, Italian and English Vocals, Chords, Guitar Fret-boards, Agogo and Percussion, 2 pages.

Fun and enlightening stories and backgrounds are included to keep the reader inspired and appreciating what the master have left for us. Information about world music cultures leaves us more aware of the environments and beliefs that the music arises from.

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