Inviting Eris To The Party

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About the author:
AMY SHAPIRO has an M. Ed in Counseling Psychology & Education, and studied Astrology and meditation with Boston's 'spiritual sparkplug', Isabel Hickey, and other spiritual masters. Amy is an Astro-Therapist, Past-Life Therapist, author, and New Age Sages publisher of: The Testament of Astrology by O. Adler, Dr. Oskar Adler: A Complete Man; Never Mind, Forces at Work: Astrology and Career and books on the I Ching, past-life therapy and humor therapy.
Her novelette, Before This Song Ends: A Timeless Romance is a tale of love, loss and transcendence through the ages. Learn more about Amy's services and Sages at

Inviting Eris To The Party

Our Provocateur In Unfair Affairs

Authored by Amy Shapiro M. Ed.

How do you respond to unfairness? How do you play fair if the rules are rigged? The gift of dwarf planet Eris is the coping skills to creatively navigate and outwit foes on unlevel playing fields and find a cause to champion. This guide covers Eris' journey in the 12 houses and aspects with other planets; conjunction, semi-sextile, sextile, square, trine, quincunx and opposition. The author gives a fun memory-tool, the "A-B-C's of Eris" to help you know the ways Eris impacts the chart. Examples of 300+ famous people with Eris aspects brings the interpretations alive. Amy Shapiro was the first to call Eris a 'Provocateur' (in Forces At Work: Astrology And Career), based on Eris' legendary golden apple exposing over-sized egos. Her job is to awaken our higher impulses. This book extends a long-awaited invitation to Eris -- to join the astrological party as the guest of honor!

Reviewers' Comments:
"Amy Shapiro has 'done it again' in providing us with a far more useful interpretation of planet Eris than the 'goddess of discord' label originally received from her discoverers. As Provocateur, Eris has a huge variety of ways her placements by sign, house and aspect can be interpreted. Invite Eris to your party and open yourself to be provoked to new and interesting perspectives!"
~ Maria Kay Simms, author: Moon Tides, Soul Passages; Dial Detective; Your Magical Child and Astrology and the Power of Eight

"As Oscar Wilde once said,'The only thing worse than being talked about, is not being talked about.' For years astrologers have not been talking about Eris. Inviting Eris To The Party is a fine book that adds a lot to the discussion of Eris and should get tongues wagging. It may get astrologers thinking about Eris the way they have been thinking about Chiron all these years."
~ Tom Canfield, author: Yankee Doodle Discord: A Walk with Planet Eris Through USA History, and Eris In Signs, Houses, Aspects

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1496135768 / 9781496135766
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US Trade Paper
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6" x 9"
Black and White
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