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Mr. Ross grew up in the small historic town of New Bern, North Carolina. He attended North Carolina State College (now North Carolina State University) where he graduated with a degree in Nuclear Engineering in 1960. He went to work as a Test Engineer at the world's first commercial nuclear power plant, Shippingport Atomic Power Station, near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and was put in charge of nuclear physics testing and taught reactor physics in a training program for future nuclear plant operators. While employed at the power company, Duquesne Light Company, he attended Duquesne University Law School at night and graduated in 1967. He then joined the Westinghouse Corporation Law Department in 1968 and was assigned to work with its Nuclear Energy System Division which was then selling a lot of nuclear plants. In 1975 he was recruited by General Atomic Company in San Diego, California, to help sell its nuclear power plants. However, the oil embargo of the early 70's, combined with Chernobyl and Three Mile Island put a halt to nuclear plant construction in the United States and as a result he became General Atomic's patent attorney. In 1986 he joined Western Research Corporation which was conducting Star Wars research for the United States government. In 1996 he was hired by Cymer Corporation which makes the excimer lasers used as the light source in the fabrication of integrated circuits and obtained for them more than 100 patents mostly covering various versions of their lasers systems. In 2003 he returned to the successor of Western Research, Trex Enterprises Corporation as Vice President Intellectual Property. Trex is still involved mostly in government supported research and development. He and his son, also a patent attorney, operate a small patent practice called Ross Patent Law Office from their home offices in Del Mar and San Marcos, California. He has obtained hundreds of patents for his employers and clients in a variety of fields including, lasers, electronics, communication, thermoelectric devices, automation, imaging and integrated circuits. During the past eight years, he has realized the existence of tronnies and entrons and has developed this "theory of everything" that he calls the "Ross Model of our Universe". This theory is a work in progress. He calls this version "Version Eight". Earlier versions are documented in patent applications that he has filed over the past seven years, most found the US Patent Office web site.


The Source of the Coulomb Force

Authored by Mr. John R. Ross
Illustrated by Marshall H. Ross

Mr. Ross has identified for the first time the single particle and its anti-particle that everything in our Universe is made of. It is a point particle with no mass and no volume, but it has a charge of plus e or minus e which means these particles carry the Coulomb force. Mr. Ross has named these particles "TRONNIES".

Tronnies are self-propelled by their own Coulomb forces at speeds of (pi)/2 times the speed of light and they always travel in perfect circles in threesomes and twosomes. The threesomes are electrons and positrons and the twosomes are entrons (also first identified by Mr. Ross).

Mr. Ross shows for the first time the internal structure of electrons and positrons, and their sizes to be about 2 X 10-18 m.

The sizes of entrons range from about 1 X 10-18 m to about 10 cm (about 100 million-billion times larger). One entron provides the energy and mass for each photon. The same entron that provides the gravity of galaxies provides almost all of the mass of each proton. Three entrons combine to make an electron and a positron.

So electrons, positrons and entrons are made from tronnies. Everything else is made from entrons or entrons, electrons and positrons. By "everything" we mean everything: photons, protons, atoms, molecules, plants, animals, people, moons, planets, stars, galaxies, electricity, magnetism, gravity and anti-gravity.

Mr. Ross reveals to the general public for the first time how to build universes from these points of charge and how universes are created and recycled.

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0578138522 / 9780578138527
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