Final Evolution

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About the author:
Jasenn Zaejian has published four non fiction books and numerous psychological essays during his considerable career as a clinical psychologist, psychotherapist, researcher, and neuropsychologist. Along with many other disenchantments with the ethical and academic deterioration of his profession, the recent exposure of the secret collaboration between the professional organization of psychologists and the government, on torture of prisoners, was a turning point. No longer did he want to be identified with a profession that leverages such deceit, violence, and falsification or inaccurate portrayal of research in direct violation of their ethical code. He inactivated his licenses and decided to devote himself to writing and publishing.

Final Evolution represents an exceptional entry into adult and young adult character driven science fiction, with psychological twists and turns.

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Final Evolution

Authored by Jasenn Zaejian
Edition: 1

Jasenn Zaejian captures the zeitgeist again. First in non-fiction, now in science fiction informed by real science. This exciting and mysterious psychological chronicle of galactic travel, interpersonal and inter-species conflict, ‎murder, and corporatist government control in the twenty fifth century leads to an unexpected conclusion.‎ ‎

The privileged life of the governing body of Holders and their relatives are about to take a ‎dangerous turn. Corporate greed with government complicity caused the Great Catastrophe. All life on the planet was on the ‎verge of extinction until a fortuitous cosmic event enabled a slow recovery and an awakening of the ‎remaining citizens to how they've been manipulated by the politic. Following the recovery, intergalactic travel and trade brought unimagined ‎wealth to the Solar Confederation of inhabited planets under a novel form of altruistic ‎government. Economic resources were equally shared so that a ‎moderate living was provided for all. Private ownership of corporations no longer existed. All business corporations functioned as worker co-ops. Civilization saw the end of poverty and social ‎class ‎conflict. As human history has so often repeated itself, a new generation of ‎Holders brought ‎the return of greed and manipulation.

Light years away, ‎one highly evolved and mysterious civilization in the Boötes cluster had ‎been watching with grave concern.

A Solar Confederation galactic exploration vessel inexplicably vanished from ‎Terran trackers and, in an instant, appeared in orbit around a previously unknown tropical planet ‎with multiple suns, light years from their last known location. The final ‎evolution of human civilization begins.‎

Publication Date:
098306606X / 9780983066064
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US Trade Paper
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6" x 9"
Black and White
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Fiction / Science Fiction / Apocalyptic & Post-Apocalyptic

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