For The Love of Lilith & How to Put Love into Practice

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About the author:
Paul C Burr is a business coach, multi-discipline author, speaker, visiting lecturer and 'energy healer', based in Hove, UK. His Facebook pages have amassed a total of over 22,000 followers. Burr has over 30 years experience in corporate sales, consulting and coaching, during which he spent 16 years with IBM. He has a PhD in Statistics and a First Class Honours Degree in Mathematics from Brunel University. He is a Certificated Master Practitioner in NLP.
Profile by Professor John Ditch, York, UK...
"Paul Burr is an incredibly interesting man. I met him in 2005 when he agreed to be my 'career coach'. At the time I held a senior position at a UK university and it was rather fashionable to undertake 'management training'; every member of our senior team was expected to devote time to 'continuing professional development'. I approached Paul because he offered something different, something a little more challenging. We met regularly over the course of a number of months. Paul was a good listener and quickly identified a number of issues that we could work on together. That was part of his style: he didn't teach, he didn't preach, he had no axe to grind. What he had was insight, humour and a remarkable capacity to facilitate self-questioning and reflection: he had a 'tool-kit' but he didn't carry spare parts. Our 'sessions' were always well organized and when I'd done my 'home-work' thoroughly they were both demanding and rewarding. Paul is a seriously bright 'numbers-person' (he has a PhD in statistics) and can do all the technical stuff that management consultants come out with. But he is more than that: he is also in touch with the right (creative/emotional) side of his brain. Thinking back there were three things that Paul facilitated or encouraged in me: first, he supported me to think about (or imagine) ways of 'doing things differently'; second, he emphasized the importance of 'authenticity'; third, he helped me develop additional capacity for 'resilience'. Time with Paul was all time well spent."

For The Love of Lilith & How to Put Love into Practice

(and Non-attach Yourself To It)

Authored by Paul C Burr PhD
Illustrated by Andrea Kurucz

"No tree, it is said, can grow to heaven unless its roots reach down to hell." - CG Jung

Part I, For the Love of Lilith, describes the journey to love shared by two people, of their own volition, to embrace the love of Lilith (or Lilithian Love) - that pure androgenous spirit of love, light and wise connection to all that is - along with the sensibility and freedom to apply that wisdom.

Lilithian Love not borne of this earthly realm. It cannot be labelled, as such, the way the love between two life-partners is described traditionally. It cannot be boxed, wrapped up or symbolised by red hearts, red roses, Cupid's bow and arrow, and Valentine's Day gifts (which are all wonderful to give and receive!)
Two souls make a pact in a higher dimension known to the ancients as the Desire World; a world in which all your desires are created and descend to you on earth. But on occasion, and it's very rare, when two souls are ready, they make a pact, a desire to meet and complete their journey to love in this earthly realm together. They make the pact before they are born. The mutual desire is already programmed as part of their growth pattern, in the same way that the design of an oak tree is already imprinted in an acorn.

They meet at the allotted time, normally after they have both completed their respective journeys through young adulthood. They come together to complete the final spiral in their journey to love, together; to experience the ultimate in love, peace, truth or the divine, together. Yet by the very nature of duality, the couple will draw out the very extreme of not-love (i.e. anger, shame, hurt and fear) in one another at the same time.

Part II, How to Put Love into Practice (and Non-attach Yourself To It), helps the reader to develop, practice and project the serenity of love.

Serenity requires practise. If you want to become a great pianist, a great singer or a great magician, you train and practise. You can 'concoct' love by practising the serenity of love.

Yet love is not attachment.Gandhi spoke of " A burning passion coupled with absolute detachment is the key to all success ".

I'd struggled for years in figuring out how to non-attach myself to people and things I love, and the success I have
craved for at times.

Part II contains practical exercises to...
1. Put love into practice
2. Help you clarify what your heart truly desires
3. Non-attach yourself to yearning for what you do not have.

As I put the exercises into practice, I discovered that attachment is the disguised fear of letting someone or something go. And fear is not-love.

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