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Collectives In A Forsaken Landscape

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The 2nd Book

About the author:

The book that started it all -- you can follow me on and grab Empryean Sky's albums on I've written seven books up to this point and had published nine anthologies and all of them are back online as in the written catalog. I can now work on getting the rest of the anthologies back online and the back issues of the magazine. I am waiting for the introduction for an anthology and the rest of the ensemble for the other. The anthologies are going to be sister books to the second and third books.
    This collection I had addressed my own health problems as what Tabitha Creech said you will be getting a look inside a writer's mind with this book. Much like Metascape. (Yes this collection is a sequel to Forsaken Landscape. That one is more character driven but it's metafictional; and breaks the fourth wall quite often. Old school N.A.P. at the same time; heavy aggressive dark subject matter.) I shorten both titles to Metascape and Landscape when I speak of them as the artwork is from the same era as the photograph as I brought that with me from Iowa. It's been a fixture on my website for years. Legend Keeper broke the fourth wall often too. Legend Keeper saw me wiling to shake the system up and almost overturned it when I got ousted by I turned around and pulled the Obama burning the Constitution painting to get everything back.
    "You replied with a painting of Obama burning the Constitution!" Kevin of after I engaged to get everything back. My cousin John in chat with Jet I showed them both what I did and my cousin called that brutal.
    That style of writing for a Christian as seems to the King James Only Movement as devilish but I challenge it; thrash metal gave me that intensity. One guy said it was like Christ going right into hell style delivery. Gothic Horror is something that is tied to me as well as Controversial stands and Controversial subject matter. Some of my horror stories when I do horror I can go full on brutal with the delivery. Someone said I write as hard as I when I punched a guy when I was 15 years old. Looking at this book after writing seven in all and still has it's venom.

Collectives In A Forsaken Landscape

Authored by Nickolaus Pacione
Photographs by NIckolaus Pacione
Cover design or artwork by John Welborn Jr, Nickolaus Pacione
Edition: 3

Collectives In A Forsaken Landscape was the book that started it all for me as a solo author. It was originally with Booksurge in 2004 when it was first published. This collection if you're reading it like a novel; (psst) ::whispers:: you're reading it wrong. I have the original pdfs for the body of the book and has additional photos on the TOC page to make this stand out. If you want Gothic Fiction or some nonfiction too you will see it within this; this was based upon a journal on The stories were written between 2000-2004. The second book reflects how I was published in print within magazines. This will be a similar size to An Eye In Shadows (Well give or take. Issue 9 of my magazine in the re-emergence version is the same size. Collectives In A Forsaken Metascape is the same size as An Eye In Shadows. Not for the faint of heart.)
    This has quite a few of my early era recognizable works -- Among Shadows and the dark 9/11 Epic -- The Seasons of Black September. There was a book published in 2002 called Inside 9/11: What Really Happened compiled by Germany based Der Spiegel. The frightening realization I made on my blog and some new works in progress of the terrorists were my age or easy had gone to school with me. This book was given to me for Christmas in 2006.
     Even for my debut I address wide range subject matter; some of it came from when I was 20. I tried to curb my heaviest subject matter when I wrote The Blood Covenant as I addressed church burnings out of the box. Legend Keeper seen me have a character arrested for a church burning. Warning: this collection deals with very dark subject matter where two stories are true. I address bullying for the first time in Past Scars as this story had a classmate apologizing for not treating me like a person. One will see works from the eras of 2001-2002 and then 2003-2004. The original version of this book closed out with The Cabbie Homicide as the version I cut this story out at the end because I thought it was too controversial. There are stories in here that are controversial. Lake Fossil became controversial in recent years. Places of the Cold was the story where I really did the concepts from when I was 20 and I love using the I'm You aspects in my work. Some of my work now finally explored my ideas from when I was in college as you will see Philosophical elements in this collection. Some of these stories have elements of a Philosophical Novel. Legend Keeper was a philosophical novella.
      Because of Legend Keeper this book was almost lost because someone lied to the fucks at ( for them @luludotcom) as I had turned around and tweeted a middle finger photo holding my first namesake in hand. An Eye In Shadows and later Suburbanite's Confessional allowed me to write Stygian Dealer because I remembered bits and pieces of my Philosophy paper which was untitled. I am not sorry for writing Legend Keeper because this gave An Eye In Shadows and the debut even more venom. These stories well I didn't address what it was like without a biological father but An Eye In Shadows I had addressed it. It was a huge source of being bullied and been in DLP classes; so you have to imagine what came out when I turned 20 years old. All the guttural anger within my mind and lies from congregations came out. This was a few years after my stabbing and a year after appearing on 96.7 Will Rock in Joliet. I was plagued by nightmares from when I was stabbed and almost falling to my death in Ontario while rock climbing. One of the stories in this book deals with what happened to me when I was 20 as I was having nightmares about a classmate who died after this.

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