The Truth of Happiness Course

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About the author:
John's first steps on the path of liberation and freedom began in earnest in 1981 when he first learned Transcendental Meditation (a mantra or object based technique) from a wonderful teacher, Maggie Schluyter who patiently and lovingly guided John through his early practice.

John began his journey seeking understanding and awareness of the true nature of mind. Over time John encountered many wonderful teachers and spiritual disciplines. John has always been drawn to Eastern philosophies in general and the teachings of the Buddha in particular.

Having studied in many of the different schools of Buddhism, in May 2010, John took his Vows of Refuge and The Vow of the Boddhisattva at the Karma Triyana Dharmachakra Monastery from his teacher at the time Khenpo Karthur, Rinpoche. Rinpoche bestowed on John the names "Karma Tingzin Gyurme" (Unchangeable Meditation) during the Taking Of Refuge Ceremony, and "Jampa Tarchin" (Perfection of Love) during the Boddhisattva Ceremony.

John's intention is to continue to follow the essential nature of his vows. John has always found truth and understanding in many of the different Buddhist schools, and other spiritual disciplines.

John has also been strongly influenced by the Theravadin school of Buddhism and has found these teachings to be as authentic as is possible today to what the Buddha likely taught, with little adornment or embellishment.

John has found that the original and authentic teachings of the Buddha are found in The Four Noble Truths and that the path of lasting happiness and peace is the Eightfold Path. Mindfulness of the present moment within the framework of The Eightfold Path, including a true and effective meditation practice, are the keys to the Buddha's profound teachings.

Ultimately it has been through a well-concentrated mindfulness of the Buddha's direct teachings of the Four Noble Truths and the supportive Sutta's of the Pali Canon that have proved to be most beneficial to John in developing understanding.

John teaches meditation within the context of developing an understanding of The Four Noble Truths so that all those drawn to this Dhamma will put aside disappointment and suffering caused by clinging, craving,desire, and aversion, and gain liberation from the distraction of Dukkha.

John writes a blog related to the teachings of the Buddha, teaches the Dhamma in weekly classes and monthly one-day retreats and leads The Truth of Happiness residential retreats based on the Buddhadhamma.

The Truth of Happiness Course

Lasting Peace and Happiness Through The Four Noble Truths

Authored by John Haspel
Edition: 1P

Revised Edition Published October 19, 2015 with additional content on Impermanence, Not-self, Dependent Origination, and Kamma and Rebirth

A human being, through his own efforts, freed himself from confusion and suffering, becoming the Buddha. He then taught how all human beings could do the same and live extraordinary lives of lasting peace and happiness.

His teachings are developed through understanding The Four Noble Truths. The Truth of Happiness is an accessible and easily understood ten-week Dhamma study forming the foundation for understanding these profound and timeless truths.

Free of cultural influences The Truth of Happiness is a comprehensive presentation of the Buddha's path of developing lasting peace and happiness.
The Truth of Happiness will develop mindfulness of the Eightfold Path as a framework for personal inquiry into the most profound truths of human history.

The course book is presented as a ten-week personal Dhamma study with the option to interact with the author each week via email and phone.

The author, John Haspel, is the Dhamma teacher and founder of the Cross River Meditation Center in Frenchtown New Jersey. (

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