Soul Fire - A Mystical Journey through Poetry

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About the author:
After having traveled widely, and having lived in various continents of the world, including North America, Europe and Asia, Dr. Ansul Noor has learned to appreciate and passionately love the surrounding abounding splendor and diversity of this 'blue gem', our planet, the peoples, creatures both visible and invisible, and the cosmos.

Her passion for poetry started when she was a child. Guided by ancestral spirits and her deep love for Nature and the invisible world, she continues to explore the meaning of life through poetry, writing, painting, music and storytelling. As a gifted psychic, she believes the voice of intuition is often the wisest, and some of her personal experiences are recorded in her works, which have gained respect and admiration from peers, family and friends, over the years.

A great admirer of wildlife and Nature and an avid photographer, the fascination for Mother Nature is evident in all her works.

She hopes to continue to spread the word of peace through her poetry and books, and invoke magical feelings in the readers through her imagery.

Soul Fire - A Mystical Journey through Poetry

Authored by Dr. Ansul Noor
Designed by Dr. Ansul Noor
Photographs by Dr. Ansul Noor
Original author Dr. Ansul Noor
Edition: 3rd Edtion

An Original and Unique Collection of Metaphysical, Spiritual & Nature Wisdom Poetry.

Vivid Photography taken by the Author will enhance the reading experience. The photography can be viewed in the digital edition so don't forget to get your e-book on if you love magical landscapes.

The book has received rave reviews by distinguished readers.

A must for lovers of esoteric and new age poetry.

Just a few of the many reviews ---

'Ansul's work (both writing & photography / illustration) is surreal; "other worldly" might describe it better. Her mastery over the words that she uses in her writing is quite evident. The visual pieces that accompany the text complement the beauty of Ansul's literary repertoire.'

Dr.Asad. M-USA
Author, Writer, Philanthropist, Physician

"Soul Fire" by Ansul Noor releases truth to new and unfettered shapes and significance. Her vision portrays reality as much more than static, surface and scientific, but personal and unlimited. In her universe, the elements of the natural world are light and energy, capable of yearning, sadness, nurture and guile. Hers is a world where nothing is certain, but trembles with potential. Where experience doesn't end, but transforms.

The magic of her poetry is evident in each piece. As an example, in "The Friendship," Ms. Noor creates a happy comradeship between an impudent ray of sunlight and a gloomy tomb, where "Ray and Tomb made most kindred tunes," where "life saw death, while death sensed life." In "The Orb: When the Sun Turns," the Orb is pained by its imprisonment and yearns "for that niche where Setting does not matter." But harkening to the tears of dying fishes, Orb accepts their prayers and resigns in "hopeful hopelessness" to its duty to bring daylight to the world. In this poem and others, Ms. Noor explores that paradox between the perception of unbearable existence and the soul's desire for something else, as it hurtles toward an unknown destiny.

The taste of sorrow inhabits her work, too, the inevitability of loss, the vulnerability of the body, as it reaches for a grasp on self. At the beginning of each poem, a beautifully poignant photograph of the Sedona landscape sets the tone for the subject.

Ansul Noor's work is deeply personal, passionate and profound. I found "Soul Fire" unique and compelling and highly recommend it.

Author, Poet and Literary Critic

'Beautifully written. Speaks to my soul. A book I will read again and again. A true treasure.'


'This is a book that I would describe as 'poetry for your soul'. I have always enjoyed reading poetry, and this is a beautifully written book with lovely photographs, which makes you relax and look at life through the author's perspective. The poems are varied, and there is something for everyone to enjoy. It has been a sheer delight reading this book, and is one that will be there in my library with my other precious gems. I would highly recommend it for those who truly love poetry. An excellent read.'

Dr.Dev- UK
Philanthropist, Writer, Physician and Innovator

'This excellent poet, Ansul Noor, reaches inside of us to pry the hidden memories of knowledge and soul. Her sensitivity to the spiritual existence in all of us left me breathless. She has a way with the subtleties of words and their flavors that unravels magical scenes in your mind. Careful reading is requested to savor all the nuances of the landscapes she creates.'

Norberto.C- USA
Award Winning Poet, Visionary, Author, Artist

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