Rethink Your Diet

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About the author:
Moein Ghahremani Nejad is a 21-year-old student of life.

He became a vegan in October 2011, after suffering severe headaches and some digestive disorders for several years. Veganism worked very well for him and his headache cured very soon.
After that, he started to do some research about nutrition and health.

He wrote and published his book about nutrition and health both in Persian and English, and he manage several vegan websites and groups, to help spread the message of healthy lifestyle around the world.

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Rethink Your Diet

Be conscious! And learn how to live a healthy lifestyle.

Authored by Moein Ghahremani Nejad
Illustrated by Meysam Ghahremani Nejad
Cover design or artwork by Mrs. Julya Matsakyan
General editor Mrs. Louise Scrivens
Edition: 1

"Health is not everything, but without health, everything is nothing" (Schopenhauer, German philosopher)

This book is about the relationship between the food we eat and how it affects our life and the world around us, including:
* Our physical and mental health
* Our environment
* Our economy
* And our society

All these issues are explained in detail, supported with scientific reasons, references and real documented experiences.
The author of book, Moein Ghahremani Nejad, changed his diet at 18-years-old after suffering severe headaches and digestive issues and now lives a life free of health problems. Since then he has dedicated his life to researching what we eat and helping others to improve their diet and how they feel.
In this book the reader is invited to think about what he/she eats; to question those foods we have been instilled to eat over decades and how we prepare such food.
You will learn the fundamentals of healthy eating and thus, you will learn how to prevent most diseases and remain healthy at every age. So, it's the time to rethink your diet!
This book will provide you with all the nutritional facts needed to help you change your diet for the better. You can choose a flexible plan based on your own personal situation and preferences. The book recommends veganism/raw veganism, but it can still be a useful book for anyone interested in nutrition, the environment and helping to build a better world.
The main purpose is to help people become aware of their lifestyle in an open-minded manner.
In this book, you will learn the principles about the natural diet of humans and the true meaning of health as a way to prevent all diseases.
The most important and most controversial subjects of nutrition like protein, calcium, salt, harmful plants and food combining rules are all debunked in this book.
To improve all aspects of our life we must change and by reading this book, you will find what you can do and why in a flexible and fun way. It is not limited to any special area or special conditions to follow.
I have aimed to answer most nutrition and diet questions backed up by scientific and research examples while avoiding any kind of fanaticism.
The book displays a critical thinking on the subject of nutrition, while at the same time, it promotes a better solution based on science, logic and experiences.

By reading this book, you can get the most useful information in the minimum possible time.
The four main chapters of the book are:
* Natural Lifestyle and Health: All the nutrition facts and health-related subjects are explained and debunked in this chapter.

* Natural Lifestyle and Economy: The relationship between out diet/lifestyle and the economy explained.

* Natural Lifestyle and Environment: The relationship between our diet/lifestyle and the environment exposed.

* Natural Lifestyle, Society and Humanity: How our lifestyle and what we eat can change society.

Some of the most significant questions surrounding our diet are answered in this e-book, including:
1. Why avoid meat?
2. Why avoid cooking?
3. How you can decide about your health (and life) and ensure you've made the right decision?
4. Why humans become sick?
5. Why many raw foodists fail in the long term?
6. What kinds of diseases can be prevented by following veganism and raw-veganism?
7. What doctors, scientists and credible institutes of health say about veganism?
8. What about protein in vegetarian diets?
9. How can we prevent B12 deficiency?
10. What is the solution to nutrient deficiencies?
11. Why many people nowadays go on a gluten-free diet?
12. What's the difference between organic foodstuffs with their inorganic artificial similar materials?
13. What is a detox?
14. And much more information necessary for a perfect health and ideal life...
All references are available for anyone who wants to do more research.

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