The Names of Lucifer Throughout the Old and New Testaments

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About the author:
Publius Marcus, aka Mark L Harvey, aka Snooper, began serving this nation straight out of High School. First, as a police officer and then as a member of an anti-terrorist tag-team. Mark started paying greater attention to the highly volatile political circumstances of the late 1960s after his brother was killed in action during the 1968 Tet Offensive in Vietnam. The things he observed during that time often left him troubled and wondering what was happening in America. Why was radically anti-social and dangerously irresponsible behavior being appeased and then excused as nothing more than normal "teenage angst". Why were so many Americans willing to allow the enemies within to run amok virtually unopposed?

Mark served the United States honorably both in and out of military from 1976 to 2004, During that time he began a crusade to inform and educate others about the often subtle, sometimes radical reeducation and indoctrination efforts that were emerging from within the American education system. Mark utilized the "List of 45" as presented in the book "The Naked Communist" by W. Cleon Skousen to help him conduct his crusade.

During his service as a political and intelligence analyst, Mark came to realize that the battles fought to preserve the American way of life at home are just as important as those fought by the American Armed Forces overseas. "If we have no valid or operational Constitution, the battles fought overseas could be all for naught."

Mark has cultivated a loyal audience within the blogosphere and among Internet radio listeners,his personal insight and hard hitting commentary have made him a cherished personality. Mark's blog is available at The Snooper Report. Mark also operates an educational website where he writes about the threats of Jihad and radical Islam.

The Names of Lucifer Throughout the Old and New Testaments

Authored by Publius Marcus
Edition: First Edition

What kind of an introduction does one need to talk about Old Split Foot? Quite a bit. This character known as the Devil and perhaps several other names is the quintessential liar, cheater, thief and overall complete and total dunce. This, however, does not give the implication that he is a real-time dummy. He is very smart because he was created by God and at one time was an Angel of God. He has had since the beginning of time even before us humans started keeping track of time, to start his universe-held-world to create the largest and most complex delusion that any human could even try to come up with. The problem with that is millions of people are starting to believe the lie(s).

I am going to do something peculiar from all the other books I have written. I only did this once in the book The Names of God in the New Testament16 but I am going to do the same thing here as I did in Chapter 140 of that book. At the end of each chapter of this book, I am going to add a minimum of one page for you to write in any notes that you would like to enter. This will be an interactive book and as you discover what kind of a cretin this demented angel is, you can make whatever note you would like to. You can make up your own names for this hell-bound imp and make fun of him all you want to because it is already set into stone where this trollop named Satan is going to end up!

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