The Moon Worn Tides

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About the author:
Dean J. Baker is an author of more than 20 books. Composer, performer, and songwriter published in prestigious literary journals worldwide since 1973.
Born in Toronto, Canada, to a Ukrainian/Polish father and an Irish/Scottish mother. Attended the University of Guelph, and later won their book awards, along with several unsolicited Ontario Arts Council awards, best poems published in a year in literary journals, and The T.S. Eliot Society of Miami's Calendar Poet award.
Member of Socan (Society of Authors, Composers, Publishers) he has played guitar, bass, and piano in many bands and is writing more songs.
Author of The Herald(2010), and Baker's Bad Boys(2010), published by Mad Poet Press. His most recent works are Silence Louder Than A Train, The Mythologies Of Love, The Lost Neighborhood, an expanded and revised Baker's Bad Boys(2014-satiric stories of childhood), Dark Earth, Of Flesh Sculptures And Abandoned Love, The Eschatological Dog, Measuring Gravity By Grace (Poems 1970-1980, Vol.1), Our Geographies (Poems 1970-1980, Vol.2), The Transits Of Revelation, Fat Albert's Outpatient Folk Clinic, The Moon Worn Tides, The Prose Poems, Vol. 1, Soliloquies Of The Horizon, The Prose Poems, Vol. 2, Poetry & How It Gets That Way, In Riparian Fields, Tormenting The Monkey, Provenances And Paroles, Cousin Harold's Adventures In The Real World, The Poetry Hotel, The Lost Canadian, Early Selected Poems, Vol. 1, The Lost Canadian, Poems Selected, Vol. 2., Blood Upon The Moon.
His awards include universities' awards, along with several unsolicited Arts Council awards; best poems published in a year in literary journals, and The T.S. Eliot Society of Miami's Calendar Poet award. He has traveled solo through Canada, the USA, Ireland, England, Scotland, France, Germany, Italy, Greece.
Dean J. Baker's works show a highly disciplined, passionate and informed uniqueness. He brings to his craft a very widely read mind, fully intimate with all the great literature of the past along with a similar awareness of today's writers.
"Dean is a combination of thought and torment that has made him write more than a baker's dozen of fine poems.. he might produce a collection that could astound us all." - Irving Layton, ("Canada's greatest poet"-Leonard Cohen), nominated twice for the Nobel Prize for Literature.

The Moon Worn Tides

The Prose Poems

Authored by Dean J. Baker

Prose poems from award winning author Dean J. Baker.
This is Volume 1 of The Prose Poems. Volume 2 is Soliloquies Of The Horizons.
Moving beyond the reach of Baudelaire, Rimbaud, Mallarmé, these works are embodiment of those half-glimpsed thoughts and feelings casually dismissed which are noted to yield the greatest results of self-knowledge combined with a easily deeper awareness.

In this magnum opus, we can see that while Sartre said 'hell is other people' and Blake was given to 'To see Heaven in a grain of sand',
Dean J. Baker moves beyond these apperceptions with a full appreciation and gratitude for the forms of writing and the thoughts of such, and proves that while we may be and become what we think, we can take delight that we can be of this world through these works, while at the same time transcending any narrow limits set by a world bound to constriction and thus, control.

Like poetry itself, they illustrate the rebellious sharpness of focus encouraging a wider dimension of thought and expression, and therefore a more expansive understanding of the world around. Inclusive of the individual's inner world, these prose poems lift up the reader through a finer personal awareness into a more thorough comprehension of how inner and outer worlds connect and influence each other.

Dimension and perception are intensely felt and focused upon, resulting, as with all great works, in a refreshing, and inspiring - as well as challenging - renewal of the reader's attention, appreciation, and comprehension of their own ability to alter the world through a training of disordered thoughts and feelings by way of a finer focus.

Recovering barely seen perceptions, bearing witness to thoughts dismissed, these prose poems show that it is by a fierce light upon these that further understanding is granted, the ability to perceive made more lean and true no matter the individual's prior methods of discerning their inner or outer worlds.

By going forth into the world of these works; experiencing fully the pleasure and joy inherent in each, and in the completeness of the book, they give back to the reader the greatest gift: themselves, with a finer ability to become more of whom they can and desire to be by moving beyond the narrow confines of perception dictated by ever decreasing widely accepted, and so-called, normal perceptions.

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