Amatore's Restaurant

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About the author:
Living in the peace and quiet of Southern Brittany, James Sillwood readily acknowledges that the surroundings at his cottage inspire an atmosphere conducive to writing.
After an itinerant early life, James has now settled in France and divides his time between writing and music. As an accomplished musician he plays regularly as a soloist and with a Latin jazz group. And it is here at his secluded home in Brittany that the novels, Amatore's Restaurant and West Quarry Farm, have been completed.
When taking a break from performing and writing, James takes a keen interest in Breton culture and local history. He enjoys trying out regional recipes, visiting local markets and exploring the surrounding countryside.

Amatore's Restaurant

Themes of Seduction

Authored by James Sillwood

The international cast of the Recreative Theatre Company meet for their end-of-season dinner at Ristorante Amatore. During the evening each guest recalls a past liaison, an encounter which has made an impression in their life: stories of love and tales of deceit. A common theme begins to unfold: hidden truths behind the motives for seduction. As the evening draws to a close emotions rise to the surface, declarations of love are expressed, jealousies and resentments run deep. Some will think of the evening as a success, others will regard it as a disaster.

Chapter 1: Audition
Determined to take the lead, Cordelia picks up a man at a bar in Berlin, takes him back to his hotel room and seduces him.

Chapter 2: The Venetian
Frustrated with her life in Venice, Chiara attempts to show her girlfriend, Lucia, just what her cheating husband is capable of.

Chapter 3: Narcissus Through the Window
One afternoon, while rehearsing her striptease in front of the mirror, Emily discovers she has an unwelcome spectator.

Chapter 4: Blind Man's Bluff
After a successful drugs deal, Pierre attempts to trick his young companion only to discover later he is the one who has been well and truly duped.

Chapter 5: The Waitress's Bus Stop
Freya is biding her time in Amsterdam when she is seduced by Ana, a German actress she meets in a café. But there is something strange about Freya: something she's hiding about her past.

Chapter 6: Bodywork
Jane meets up with a man who reminds her of her past. She readily submits to his demands, finding sexual fulfilment through his aggressive and controlling personality.

Chapter 7: Reflections on a Journey
The prim and proper Miss Gray meets an elusive and handsome stranger on her regular train journey.

Chapter 8: The Video
When a new scene opened in Colin's favourite pornographic film he was shocked to see his wife taking the starring role with two other performers.

Chapter 9: Missing Journals
Early one morning Dr Jethro Jenkins witnesses Frau Eisler seducing three young men working in the grounds of her villa.

Chapter 10: The Garden Centre
Lucy Sutton, determined to seek revenge on her interfering neighbour, gets more than she dreams of when she employs a Swedish gardener from her local garden centre.

Chapter 11: Pipe Dream
Ashley is forced to hide in the airing cupboard and has no option than to watch her partner take a shower with the Afou.

Chapter 12: Calle Manjon
Luisa Rodriguez remembers the day she invited Mercè over for one of their games of S&M.

Chapter 13: Business Prospects
As a diversion from her dull routine, Dawn Bush travels to the city each week to work in a massage parlour.

Chapter 14: La Belle Charente
When Aunt Nicole's reckless behaviour spirals dangerously out of control Dale is forced to acknowledge her true nature.

Chapter 15: Post Script
Michael describes his feelings as he watches Stephanie relieve her sexual frustration.

Chapter 16: Masquerade
Colette Durrent recalls the time when she and her tenant, Richard, have a special arrangement on rent day.

Chapter 17: Sweet Offerings
Mario Amatore is in a panic in the kitchen and enlists the help of the blind guest, Monsieur Raul.

Chapter 18: Distant Relations
Ana makes a shocking discovery about Freya and thinks back to the year before in Amsterdam.

Chapter 19: Tactical Ruse
Richard recalls the day when the twins convinced him their intentions for him were genuine.

Chapter 20: Past Imperfect
Rachael remembers how intrigued she was by her German student.

Chapter 21: The Dance
As they dance to Ravel's Bolero, Rachael tells her partner about the dream of visiting her in the night.

Chapter 22: Liaisons
Some of the guests leave the restaurant together, excited by the thought of what is yet to come.

Chapter 23: Monsieur Henri
Charlotte tells how she spent a long hot summer in Brittany enamoured by the charming Monsieur Henri.

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