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About the author:
Understanding and then setting out a curriculum that discusses good common sense so that an adult audience can say "this is 80% complete", and then next presenting it in a way that a teenage audience can absorb easily, is an ambitious goal, but we seemed to need someone to make a start.

Everything is Possible, Everything is Buildable. I am past believing this - I know this to be true. Here in this book, all ages will find the next steps needed to build a great future no-matter what point you are at in the process right now.

Parents, you may have heard some of these lessons before, so thank you for your patience as I cover the bases for younger readers. You will no doubt add to the examples here based on your personal experiences as well.

Who I am is less important than the subject matter, but to give you some idea where this book comes from; I raised six terrific kids, built six Hi-tech startup companies, and I learned something new every day of a 25 year Hi-tech engineering career after four years of post-secondary study.
I have been twice a CIO; twice a CTO/VP Engineering; three times a Hi-tech startup CEO; I have led 300+ projects within organizations that managed 500+ projects simultaneously without breaking a sweat. I led a dozen major programs with budgets up to $100 million, with 80 direct-reporting staff, and 200+ team members. I co-founded and built of one of the largest local Minor Football organizations in Toronto which gave me the chance to hire eight management teams every year as well.

After all this, I can say easily that I am a capable strategic, big-picture, process-minded, thinker and leader with a well-balanced resume for someone who thinks they know enough about the many contexts of common sense to write a book on the subject. My favorite past-time is intelligent, academic debate.

This course in Common Sense should give students in a semester, the processes to help their friends and families for a lifetime - based on lessons that most of us take a lifetime to learn.

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CSQ Common Sense 101

The Common Sense Course to a brighter future.

Authored by Edward M Tilley
Edition: First Edition

CSQ Common Sense 101 -

CSQ 101 is a guide to improving the big picture, strategic value of the actions we take in World Events, Leadership, Social Policy, Business, Family and in personal life decisions too. The 100 Year Plans, the process, and technology to fix our biggest problems and forge a brilliant future; from curing cancer, to solving a $14 trillion Divorce problem, to world peace, to a Process to Solve Anything, to lessons on how to renewed your productivity and reduce stress.

Intelligence is measured as IQ, Emotional Intelligence is EQ, and here we introduce Common Sense Quotient - CSQ, as a measure of the positive results of our actions.

Throughout this CSQ guide, measures of Common Sense are used to predict how beneficial will be the outcomes of the decisions and actions that you take in life. "High CSQ" decisions and actions, benefit both the individual and society; "Low-CSQ" decisions, create little or no positive benefit and even create negative results.

To begin to understand common sense better, let's take the example of a family whose father works a lifetime. He never achieves wealth, but he and his family live positive and happy lives. This father and family can be said to have terrific good common sense because the work that he and his wife chose, provided a social utility, and their happiness was an individual success as well.

For society, visionary thinkers and contemporary authors have set targets for our Common Sense future too. From Da Vinci's flying machine designs, to Jules Verne's 1865 roadmap to travel "From the Earth to the Moon", to Gene Roddenberry's "Star Trek", to Hanna-Barbera's vision of George Jetsons' robot maids, anti-gravity cars, video watches, and two day work weeks.

The first goal of CSQ Common Sense 101 is to teach the fundamental steps and processes needed to make good decisions, goals and objectives - as did these great parents and Visioneers.
Some of these common sense technologies have come to life but many others are still outstanding. So, the next goal of this course is to teach you how to build anything reliably - no matter how complex; and no matter how grand the scope. After all, what good are common sense decisions and goals if none of it can be built?

When John F. Kennedy asked NASA to launch a flight to the moon, engineers responded that it was impossible. When he asked them to further specify the exact reasons, they responded with a list of thirteen problems for which they had no solution at the time. In 1962, Mr. Kennedy asked NASA to run thirteen projects as needed to solve each of those problems and then to carry out the flight to the moon which succeeded in 1969.

When you make a decision to build something positive and visionary, you must understand how good leadership, good process and good engineers need to work together in order to meet objectives.

Fortunately, in the next 20 years, families, society and business will see an economic rebirth sponsored by a next generation of High-CSQ leaders armed with good goal setting processes and advances in technology that provide the tools needed to build a terrific, perhaps even Utopian, future - if we chose it.

Like reducing a gigantic vat of soup down to a tasty sauce that improves everything it touches, or like concluding a complex proof on Special Relativity with a simple and elegant equation - E=mc2, seemingly unrelated common sense approaches from every facet of life reduce into recognizable and repeatable rules and processes that can be applied easily to improve our lives and societies.

CSQ 101 is a page-turner because its examples are smart, realistic, funny, insightful, and taken from well supported and interesting lessons in history. Prepare to be engaged and challenged - and in the end, with a little luck, you will find that you will be easily able to leverage practices here to make good Common Sense conclusions in life - whenever you like.

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