Universal Gateway of Enlightenment

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About the author:
Jean du Plessis is a professional pneumatologist (student of spirituality). He works as a teacher, coach, and counselor.
Jean is author and editor of several books, blogs, and web sites.
His academic training includes Christian seminary studies and a degree in Biblical Studies and World Religions.
Born and raised in South Africa, he now lives in Ontario, Canada and Siem Reap, Cambodia where he conducts spiritual tours and training in spirituality and mysticism. Additionally, Jean conducts seminars in Cambodia for the benefit of Christian ministers to bridge to the new awareness of Christ's universal compassion and parousia.

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Universal Gateway of Enlightenment

The 2nd coming of Jesus as Lord of the World in 78AD

Authored by Jean Prieur du Plessis
Edition: 1

THE TRUE STORY OF UNIVERSAL SALVATION—ENLIGHTENMENT FOR EVERY SOUL</h2 Based on well-researched historical records, site visits and years of study, I came to the great realization that Christ had returned already, almost two-thousand years. Feeling sheepish because I studied for so many years, I found the true story needed no study whatsoever—the truth is self-evident, and is there for all to see—in 1st century Gnostic writings, and contemporary eastern faith traditions. It is not hidden, was never hidden, but for the wool pulled over our eyes by the Christian Church.

Universal Gateway of Enlightenment: The 2nd coming of Jesus as Lord of the World in c.78AD is not an academic wander in the wilderness. It is a very readable book. Rather than an academic work, it is presented to readers as a palatable, historical novel. It has deliciously endearing characters, such as Mari Magadhalene, Apollonius and St. Thomas, with all their quirks, as well as their graces.

The book is about the purpose of life, the purpose of Iesous' incarnation as Avatar; about his travels and work among cultures, East and West. It is about the people who made the ministry possible, who funded it and opened doors for him—the “Three Wise Men from the East”. And, of course, it is also about the people and his work in the West, who crucified him.

Ultimately, this is the story of universal salvation, from the one named in late 1st century Sanskrit-language Scriptures, “the World Savior”, the “son of our Father in Heaven” who teaches about helping any and every soul to graduate from Earth School, to stop reincarnating over and over again; to gain spiritual rebirth, enlightenment, and then to ascend to heaven.

The Author
I take umbrage with the assertion Christians make about Jesus being a liar. Jesus did not lie, as they say, about coming back "within this generation" (40 years), shortly after the fall of Jerusalem. These promises that Jesus made are recorded in Christian Scripture.

Shortly after Paul, Peter and James had died, Jerusalem was destroyed, in 70CE. Some reports say more than a million people were slaughtered during that catastrophic time. The Temple burned down; shortly after that, Masada in 73AD; and finally, Jews were despised all over the world and banned from entering Judea for two-hundred years, and were levied a special Judaic-tax to compensate for their errors. These things were, as Iesous had said, ‘the end of the world of the Jews’, at the time.
The Lord came back, just as he had promised:
"For just as lightning comes from the East and is seen even to the West, so will be the coming of the Son of Man." Mt 24:27

Buddhists and Hindus embraced the Lord's second coming in c. 75AD. Not just casually, but formally, at the 2nd 4th World Council of Buddhism. New Scriptures released at the time, speak of the Lord's teachings: of our Father in Heaven, of the son, the Holy Spirit, of being reborn a spiritual being, and of universal salvation for all sentient beings.
Today, the name of Avalokitesvara, as he is known by His Sanskrit title, is honored by almost two billion easterners as the World Savior.

The Lord and a host of spiritual beings working alongside, are here to help every soul-being on Earth, to accomplish spiritual rebirth: enlightenment, to break the cycle of samsara (perpetual reincarnation), and ascend to heaven, or Sukhavati, as it is described in Sanskrit.

Jesus' teaching, is that of Avalokitesvara. It sits at the root of Zen, is ingrained in the fiber of Mahayana, and indispensable for unfolding the leaves Hinduism. Jesus worked in the East for most of his life. He spent less than 3 of his last years in the West, where they crucified him.
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This USA EDITION is produced for the reading pleasure of those who find American English, and standards of style most pleasing.

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