Winds of Infinity

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Winds of Infinity

Battling History's Suppression of Knowledge

Authored by W. E. Powelson
Edition: 1

This is a story of major change within this world we assume we understand and many other worlds of which we currently know nothing.
It is the tale of two brilliant scientists (soon to be married) who, in the 2040's, unexpectedly solve all the greatest riddles and mysteries of the ages with . . . one simple invention.
Their newly invented device unexpectedly unifies physics and the 4 forces of nature, thus vindicating and fulfilling Einstein's most ambitious dreams. As a direct result, our protagonists are led to meet Mankind's progenitor; an entity they nickname UnK, who assists them with ever deeper and more profound discoveries.
UnK (which is short for 'Universal Knowledge') refuses to be called God. But; with UnK's help and guidance, the trio rapidly advances mankind's technology by 3000 years. In so doing they collaborate to further advance our planet by marrying religion with science.
Additionally, along the way, Molly and Dev make many other discoveries, including proof of how life is disseminated throughout the Cosmos and what occurs beyond death.
Read and think as all of mankind's other mysteries crumble and fall away, one by one, . . . like a house of cards.
It's a fascinating futuristic journey into: What if".
By the mid-2020's, science and religion had reached a stalemated-standoff or impasse regarding the truth and proof of mankind's arrival, existence, purpose and demise.
Our brilliant couple; both with genius-level IQ's and a stack of degrees from MIT and Harvard, inadvertently prove the seemingly improvable theories of Force Field Unification (or Brane Theory, to be more specific).
In the 21st Century the concerted objective of science had been to merge Quantum theory (the science of the very small) with that of Cosmological theories (the science of the large).
Our most famous scientist, Albert Einstein, had previously devoted a lifetime towards trying to solve those complicated unification enigmas, but he had not succeeded completely. By the end of his life, he considered his unification efforts to be a dismal failure, except for the addition of 'time' as the fourth spatial dimensions.
That brilliant insight or designation of time as a dimension, served as a clue to the future theorists who followed and then continued with his struggle for ultimate unification knowledge. Collectively, the younger generations brought about even deeper theories.
As a team, our two protagonists combine their brilliant intellects to invent a device which at first glance doesn't seem to be related to the problems of unification at all. They simply have an idea for a fascinating microscopic neurological brain implant invention.
Their new device opens completely new territories of exploration for both the science and religious communities. The amazing new device allows them to explore other Multiverses that are nearly identical to our own. Eventually they pioneer new trails into the theorized additional seven dimensions described by 'M'emBRANE theorists, which the evolved brains of earthlings and the brains of mankind are not yet attuned to perceive.

It becomes a story about truth versus lies.
1. Will the new knowledge quickly catapult planet Earth 3000 years ahead of its current intellectual and technological status?
2. Will truth put a final end to history's perpetual suppression of technology?
3. Will provable facts triumph over 4,000 years of religious interdiction?
4. Will the old religions be replaced by a religion based entirely on physical and scientific proof?

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1511610239 / 9781511610230
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US Trade Paper
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6" x 9"
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