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About the author:
My journey with the written word began very early in life. The first book I read (from cover to cover, mind you) was Charles Franklin's, The World's Worst Murderers, published in 1965. Being only ten, it wasn't the kind of book that should have interested me, but it did. And despite having to stop occasionally to ask my mother the meaning of a particular word or two, within two weeks, I closed the book with a distinct sense of regret.
A little later, my interests broadened, from true crime to history - especially that part of history pertaining to armed conflict- but I never lost sight of true crime, and I found myself returning to it over and over again. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that one day I'd be writing books about these very interesting and egregious life events. All that would come later.
After spending many years in the ministry, I published my first book at the age of 40, Shattering the Myth: Signposts on Custer's Road to Disaster, a personality study of George Armstrong Custer. But it was my next book that would place me on a firm foundation in the genre of true crime, when in 2009, my book, The Bundy Murders: A Comprehensive History was published by McFarland & Company. In turn, this led to numerous radio programs and contacts from documentarians, and portions of this work also appear in the college textbook, Abnormal Psychology: Clinical Perspectives on Psychological Disorders, published by McGraw-Hill in November 2012.
I've also spent time in the trenches of the investigative journalist, unearthing long-ago forgotten - but very important - homicide cases, some of which were published in Snitch, a weekly print newspaper where I was a contributing writer. Some of you may remember the online site In Cold Blog, and my work has appeared there as well. In all, I'm the author of nine books.
And now, writing for WildBlue Press, I've got a number of tomes lined up that I know you're going to enjoy. My first one out the door will be a reissuing of my book, Vampire: The Richard Chase Murders, with Kentucky Bloodbath, a collection of bizarre homicides, soon to follow. And coming in 2015, you won't want to miss my next biography, as it's a tantalizing tale of long range murder, tentatively titled, The Sniper.


The Richard Chase Murders

Authored by Kevin Sullivan
Edition: 1

VAMPIRE is the tale of a diabolical, homicidal madman running amok, mutilating and murdering the unsuspecting residents in the quiet neighborhoods of Sacramento, CA. His diabolical and unrelenting desires, not just to kill his victims but to drink their blood, unleashed a terror within the city unlike anything the residents had ever known.

About the book:
By the time Richard Trenton Chase graduated high school, everyone knew he was strange. But no one had any idea how bizarre he'd become, or what dark impulses were flowing through his troubled brain. The transformation from the outwardly strange young man to the diabolical killer he ultimately became, was gradual and would not become known until it was too late. First it was the killing of small animals and birds, and the drinking of their blood. However, when these sacrifices failed to satiate his needs, Richard Chase would seek out the highest form of life, and the city of Sacramento, California would react in horror to the hideous murders and mutilations committed by his hands. For those living in the quiet neighborhoods where the murders occurred, it was nothing less than a time of terror until the fiend was captured.

VAMPIRE: The Richard Chase Murders is an in-depth look into the life and disturbed mind of a killer, his family, and his many victims, the living as well as the dead. Within these pages you'll discover what it was like for the police, and what a difficult job they had finding a killer they knew wouldn't stop until he was apprehended. It was a race against time, in a series of murders that would stun even the most hardened investigators. It is the story of a city under siege, held captive by the man whose appetite for blood could not be satiated.

From the book:
"On August 3, Richard Chase was sitting in the hot sun along a rocky area of Pyramid Lake, Nevada, some two hundred miles from Sacramento. He was completely naked and was covered in blood. He wasn't in a hurry, just sitting there. Approximately one-half to three-quarters of a mile away (and across the lake) sat his Ford Ranchero. Inside the vehicle were two rifles, a .22 caliber and a Marlin .30-30 lever-action. Both weapons had blood on them, as did most of the inside of the vehicle. There was a white bucket, too, which contained blood and a liver."

"The Richard Chase Murders by veteran true crime writer and historian, Kevin Sullivan, is fraught with emotion and detail. I always admire an author who dedicates their project to the victims, and tells about who they were and not just the crime against them. This is a well-written book that was researched in person and facts gleaned from key players during and after the Chase murders. A must have book for all true crime enthusiasts or book collectors."- RJ Parker, award-winning true crime author and publisher at RJ Parker Publishing Inc.

"Sullivan has written a fascinating account of an abnormal psyche of egregious proportions, and captures the very essence of Richard Chase's monstrous crime spree the citizens of Sacramento will never forget."-Gary C. King, author of BLOOD LUST and DRIVEN TO KILL

"Although it's been over three decades since Richard Trenton Chase went on his killing spree, he still stands out as one of the most bizarre serial killers in America. Kevin Sullivan pulls out more information from interviews and old files than has been previously published, which will interest true crime fans and criminologists alike. His painstaking account presents the evolution of a delusional coldblooded killer."-Katherine Ramsland, bestselling author of PSYCHOPATH and THE IVY LEAGUE KILLER

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1942266111 / 9781942266112
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