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Pregnancy and Fluoride Do Not Mix

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John D. MacArthur writes about practical neuroscience. He researched and wrote "The Human Brain" section for the Franklin Institute Science Museum.

Before focusing on pregnancy complications that can impair neurodevelopment, I was writing about neurodegeneration, most recently a report on copper and Alzheimer’s disease co-written with George J. Brewer, MD, and published by the Townsend Letter: The Examiner of Alternative Medicine.

Then I learned that premature birth is the leading predictor of long-term neurological disabilities in children. Clinical studies in India had already shown that fluoride is a risk factor for premature birth. This was confirmed by a New York State public-health study that found water fluoridation was independently associated with an increased risk of premature birth.

Rates of premature birth are unusually high in the US, so my first project was a comprehensive review of the laboratory, clinical, and ecological evidence for the connection between maternal fluoride consumption and premature birth.

My next two reports published by the Townsend Letter presented new research and diverse evidence, including original hypotheses and insights into how prenatal fluoride may cause placental dysfunction in preeclampsia and neurological impairment in autism (both of which are associated with premature birth).

I sincerely hope the scientific evidence presented in this volume will lead to more children entering the world with a vibrant and fully functioning brain.

Pregnancy and Fluoride Do Not Mix

Placental Fluorosis, Preeclampsia, Premature Birth, Impaired Neurological Development

Authored by John Douglas MacArthur Jr.

Based on current knowledge, pregnant women should avoid consumption of fluoridated water.

  • When a pregnant woman drinks 3 cups of fluoridated water, her fetus is exposed to a dose of fluoride that children should not swallow in toothpaste. – Food and Drug Administration
  • With 7 cups, her unborn child receives the Tolerable Upper Intake Level of fluoride for a 6-month old infant. – Centers for Disease Control & Prevention
  • "Fluorides have the ability to interfere with the functions of the brain and the body by direct and indirect means." – National Research Council
  • Fluoride is a "developmental neurotoxicant." – Toxicological Division, EPA

When a pregnant woman drinks fluoridated water, so does her baby whose fluoride levels average about two-thirds of maternal levels. Why take the risk? Especially considering, it's not just the amount of fluoride consumed.

  • Timing of fluoride exposure is more important than dose to the nature and severity of disrupted development.
  • Genetic factors determine one's susceptibility to fluoride's adverse systemic effects.
  • Contaminating our most precious bodily fluid: the truth about fluoridated amniotic fluid.
  • In the months after birth, infants should not be given fluoride supplements. But in the months before birth, if a pregnant woman takes fluoride supplements, so does her baby.
  • The fluoridation sales pitch of "significantly less tooth decay" is classic statistical spin.
  • Endorsemental confusion perpetuates fluoridation, and the buck starts with the Surgeon General.

This well-documented book (nearly 300 references) explores the biological and ecological connections between fluoride and premature birth, preeclampsia, and impaired neurological development. It presents new research and diverse scientific evidence – compelling reasons for women of child-bearing age to avoid consumption of fluoride in tap water, as well in beverages made in fluoridated cities.

Four years in the making, this concise volume includes three in-depth reports published by the Townsend Letter: The Examiner of Alternative Medicine:

FLUORIDE, PRETERM BIRTH AND IMPAIRED NEURODEVELOPMENT A global review of recent laboratory, clinical, and ecological evidence that fluoride is a significant risk factor for premature birth and long-term neurological disabilities in children.

PLACENTAL FLUOROSIS: FLUORIDE AND PREECLAMPSIA New research and diverse evidence implicate fluoride and fluorosis in the pathogenesis of preeclampsia, the dangerous pregnancy complication caused by the abnormal placenta.

PRENATAL FLUORIDE AND AUTISM Fluoride swallowed in amniotic fluid may disrupt colonization and composition of bacteria in the fetal GI tract – adversely affecting neurological and immunological development.

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