Nature is Everything - Book 1

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About the author:
Nelunika Gunawardena Rajapakse is a proud citizen of her world having been long in residence-nearly five decades-in the United States.

Mentored all along by her resolutely dedicated Montessori pedagogue mother-and, together, having worked in partnership for three decades-Nelunika is a proud beneficiary of an experientially founded, intellectual legacy. She boasts a rich, cumulative history of exemplary Montessori in practice for over forty years, having been the head directress, administrator, and chief operating officer of the much admired Bainbridge~Solon Montessori School (1970-2012) that served scores of children and parents in Ohio, USA.

The author, above and beyond all things, cherishes her morally grounded 'lived and learned' upbringing under the nurturing guidance of her parents.

Nelunika's life idols, accordingly, are her parents who epitomized, through every breath of their existence, the compassionate values that remain central and universal to the great scheme called 'existence'. In observation of this view, all things, indeed, possess intrinsic richness; they call for equal value and respect-shunning egocentric norms, labels, and attitudes.

Nelunika, in turn, reflects on living a spiritually rich life through every breath of her own existence. She realizes that improvement and enrichment in sustaining values 'as a help to life'-to all that compose life-requires patience and mindful effort, hand in hand. Hence, maintaining a selfless cultivated awareness is crucial to life's overall success. The aspiration to guide others in the direction of true peace and eternal joy, thus, is Nelunika's heartfelt wish.

Presently, the author lives her renewed and pioneering vision along her steadfast mission to 'Raise the Position of Today's Child and the World' while sharing her 'Vision for Intellectual Wellness for all Ages'. As such, she disseminates her wisdom and expertise through the creation of invaluable time-stamps of her life-experience.

In this day and age of confused human values and ideals, Nelunika stands passionately upon her convictions-to improve the human condition by way of books, videos, blogs, and dedicated websites.

Additionally, Nelunika Gunawardena Rajapakse is a devoted professional trainer, and a mentor for parents-engaged in sharing her expertise by way of lectures, seminars, consultations, and continuous guidance to organizations, schools, individuals, and diverse social groups.

Nature is Everything - Book 1

Seeds of Wisdom for The Maturing Intellect - Book 1

Authored by Nelunika Gunawardena~Rajapakse
Edition: 1

Nature is Everything-Book 1 is a 'Seeds of Wisdom for The Maturing Intellect' presentation for the children of humanity-aged six years and above-who deserve to be immersed with knowledge at the base of TRUTH. Our temporal experience is the product of sensory impressions and associated emotive and cognitive thought processes. However, when a child matures with intellectual curiosity and imaginative reasoning, grounded upon his experiential journey of life, it is time that his human tendencies-marked with unique individual sensitivities-are matched with phase and time appropriate opportunity, to penetrate the depths of knowledge.

To nurture the nature of a child, succinctly said, is to support him in light of his unique psychophysical characteristics in adherence to his particular biological phase-out of four formative developmental periods (of 0-6, 6-12, 12-18, and 18-24 years of age) that span from conception through twenty-four years of age.

In consideration of the fact that a maturing personality of six years and above is a curious explorer of his greater world-the infinite universe, the more he grows to understand Nature's inner workings, the more passionate he may become about LIFE.

The happy consequence of nurturing the human body, mind (intellect), and spirit-phase appropriately-is to witness a fulfilled, maturing personality imbued with a wholesome outlook on life. He will cherish each breath of his human condition with appreciation and admiration, wonder and awe, and finally, gratitude for all that is-realizing that he is an integral microcosmic aspect of the macrocosmic whole, receiving from, and returning LOVE with reciprocity to the universe.

As you may note, the content of this book calls for investigative and reflective attention. The propitious transmission of seeds of knowledge, while there is demonstrated readiness to embrace information, is the key point to make.

Therefore, pointers to in-depth understanding, exploration, and discovery of life in the universe must take place in the form of an unfolding story of LIFE; it must begin from a discernible point in history. Along this process of discovery-as to who we are, and what we are-by means of this beautiful unfolding story of LIFE, the very experience of 'living to learn' or 'learning to live' must be grounded upon the base or bedrock of morality, as the compassionate, underpinning wisdom of the universe.

Differently expressed, the nature of our universe at its core, or ground, epitomizes the ultimate wisdom or TRUTH in action-as compassionate healing of the highest order; it upholds the principles of EQUALITY and RECIPROCITY in consideration of all beings and forms that wish for their happiness. The manifest universe becomes a field of eternal redemption-placing moral responsibility upon the exercise of FREEDOM-in response to the actions of human FREE WILL.

This is where the story must begin; the fusion of the four wondrous energies of resistance, cohesion, motion, and transmutation interactively bring forth all magical sensory phenomena that we-as terrestrial beings or forms-experience in the luminous emptiness of SPACE.

All in all, it is my fervent hope that this book, upon your reading and its completion, will arouse deeper curiosity, appreciation, and admiration for all that we experience as the wondrous nature of LIFE!

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