The Ultimate Revelations

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About the author:
Jamshed Akhtar is a writer / researcher, about 68 years old, with a degree in Electrical Engineering from AMU (1969), Aligarh, India.
He is involved in the study of religion since 1985.
In 1996, Akhtar had written a research based fiction. This book entitled 'The Ultimate Revelations' is the first and only Science fiction in the world, with Quran as the central topic. The book outlines the possibility of coded information in Quran and was well covered by almost all the major newspapers of India and UAE.
In UAE, this book was presented by Shaikha Azza, daughter of the ruler of Sharjah.
In 1998, Akhtar presented a talk on the time, place and source of Noah's Flood, and a possible location of Noah's boat, combining pointers from Quran with scientific findings. This talk was presented in a workshop jointly organized by Muslim Association for Advancement of Science (MAAS) and Centre for Studies on Sciences (CSOS) at Khandala.
In 2010, his second book, a non-fiction, 'In Search of Our Origins: How Quran Can Help in Scientific Research' has been published, and in 2015, his third book 'Origin and fate of Universe: A Synthesis of Revealed and Scientific Perspectives.
The three books provide a complete world view of Akhtar on the phenomenon of revelations.
Akhtar hopes to start a collective scientific investigation of this phenomenon involving a panel of scientists, linguists and science historians.
Akhtar is also closely associated with several Muslim organizations dealing in scientific study of Islam.
Apart from the study on Quran, he is also involved in promoting literacy among rural children of Faizabad, India, and has made a documentary on it.
Project IMDAAD designed by Akhtar to connect Muslim Primary Schools and mosques with the Internet, was demonstrated at Lucknow, Aligarh, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad and Calicut with the help of IOS (Institute of Objective Studies), a Delhi based NGO. It's mechanism to collect and disseminate information on education, health, business and awareness, drew a strong and positive response from participants.

The Ultimate Revelations

Authored by Mr Jamshed Akhtar
Edition: 2

An expanding shell of less energy from the sun's
core, moving towards its surface for the last million years, breaks through its outer envelope some time in the twenty first century and decreases its output slightly. The shell is thin, and the irregularity is not going to last long. Still, the event has tremendous potential of menace as even this tiny solar hiccup has the capability to push the planet towards a cold grave.
Concurrent with this freak solar activity, a young scientist begins seeing strange and puzzling dreams of momentous events from the past. He sees an occurrence in the formation of solar system, a day in the Cretaceous period, Noah's boat being constructed, Buddha giving a sermon to a large multitude, Moses climbing the mountain to keep tryst with the mysterious fire, and child Mary's guardianship being decided in the temple. The dreams end with an episode in Mohammed's life, and leave the young man perturbed and intrigued. But, the mystic night visions prod him to study and collect data on metaphysical aspect of life.
Meanwhile, falling temperatures all over the world
herald the onset of an ice age. The planet in its fight for survival, tries to distribute the heat stored in oceans all over the land.
Tornadoes, squalls and high velocity winds sweep the planet and add to the misery of the humanity already suffering from the energy crunch. At
this crucial juncture, the young man gets an inspiration and presents before the world, a hypothesis about a Grand Cosmic Design... The Design is aesthetically beautiful, breathtakingly simple, and awesome in its expanse, yet the most remarkable thing about it is its promise of the expected arrival of a 'Message from stars' that has all the knowledge of Cosmos hidden in it.. The young man then goes on to reveal that this Message is already here on the planet, and the only thing required for humanity, is to unravel the coded information from it..

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1514380978 / 9781514380970
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