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Invited to speak as the expert on dementia and Alzheimer's on TV news talk shows ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX and CW, "Dr. Jay," as he is affectionately called by children and adult patients and other professionals, has helped thousands of patients feel better and improve their functioning with natural medicine and life style coaching.

Dr. Jay has been a leader and educator in the natural medicine field for more than 40 years, appearing in such venues as HIV/AIDS conferences and presentations in Osaka, Japan.

Encouraged by his parents and uncle to go into the medical field, his path changed to natural medicine after starting to study Tai Chi and Japanese his first weeks of college.

Dr. Jay has been motivated to learn as much about natural medicine due to watching his father die and radically change his personality owing to metastatic lung cancer over 5 years. The cancer spread to his father's brain created marked changes, altering his father from kind and gentle soul to stubborn and easily piqued. Mainstream medicine helped for a few years, but then abandoned his father. In the late 70's and early 80's he translated Japanese research on cancer for the National Cancer Institute.

Dr. Jay Sordean, licensed in acupuncture (LAc, Dipl.Ac.) and Oriental medicine for more than 30 years, is also a Certified Traditional Naturopath (CTN), and a Qualified Medical Evaluator (QME) for the State of California; he has also carried his message of health through natural and functional medicine to the public by appearing on news talk shows (NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX, and CW) around the United States. He has also produced a series of lectures, "Natural Solutions with Dr. Jay," on local public TV stations in Berkeley, Richmond, and Pinole, California.

Super Brain

Maximize Your Brain Health for a Better Life

Authored by Dr. Jay Sordean
Edition: 1

Invited to appear as an expert on the topic of Alzheimer's and dementia on ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX and CW, Dr. Jay Sordean, LAc, OMD explains how your brain works and how you can train it to work even better.

Do you believe that your brain is reading this description? If you said "Yes!" to yourself, that shows you the power that your brain possesses.

So would you agree that your brain is your greatest asset and should be treated as such?

The premise of this book is that your brain is your most important asset. Both your IQ and EQ are the result of the functioning of your brain. Every aspect of your life and who you are is mediated by your central nervous system - the brain and spinal cord.

Like the CPU of a computer, if your body's CPU goes wonky, functioning will suffer as a result. Alzheimer's and dementia, as well as other degenerative brain diseases and conditions are directly related to how well you take care of your brain.

How well your brain operates, the levels you can achieve in communication with loved ones, at work, and at play all can be devasted, or enhanced, by how you take care of or neglect your brain. Alzheimer's and dementia, as well as Parkinson's, diabetic coma, and alcoholic dementia are in your control perhaps more than you realize. This book helps you take control.

Assessing the status of your brain early and often is the best way to spot early degeneration. Enhancing your brain power is an on-going process that starts pre-birth and continues for the rest of your life.

But your typical doctor does not do this for you -- that is why you need to read this book and find doctors who can be your personal brain coach. If you have a life coach, a personal trainer, or a therapist, you need to add a brain coach and expert
In the first chapters of "Super Brain: Maximize Your Brain Health for a Better Life," Dr. Jay explores with you the basic principles of how your brain develops, with suggestions then on how to enhance your brain functioning -- this can help avoid dementia and Alzheimer's, AND also to improve productivity, creativity and your relationships.

Prevention of degeneration, dementia, and Alzheimer's risk is possible -- while not guaranteed. Tried and true as well as new discoveries in the world of brain study and behavioral studies show that many factors are involved, including combating obesity, blood sugar metabolism imbalance, inflammation, addressing multiple head injuries, proper nutrition, avoiding sugar, remembering names, improving blood circulation with NRCT (Neurologic Relief Center Technique) and acupuncture, removing toxins from the body, preventing toxins from getting in the body, and preserving and honing sexual activity.

NRCT is neurologic relief center technique and focuses on meningeal compression. Learn more about meningeal compression, NRCT, neurologic relief technique and the other methods necessary for everyone to improve their brain and increase their chances to avoid Alzheimer's and dementia, based on the latest of scientific studies.

Learn about supplements that can combat the ravages of modern life and can help you clear toxins from your body. Reliable sources for safe and scientifically researched supplements are offered.

Buy this book and the companion book, "Outsmarting the Dementia Epidemic: 7 Key Memory Care Actions to Help Avoid Alzheimer's and Successfully Keep Your Brain Safe, Sharp and Sexy into the Future" and qualify for a large discount on a comprehensive baseline assessment of your brain with the author, Dr. Jay Sordean, LAc, OMD, QME.

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