The Nicest Guy In Hell

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The Nicest Guy In Hell

Authored by Wagner Wolf

The Nicest Guy In Hell

Paul Branch is the risk taking self-made business man who has it all and is on the verge of getting even more. As a humanitarian and well-traveled business guru he's a privileged, connected, and sought after industry titan whose meteoric rise to the top shows no signs of slowing down. Although he views life through atheistic lenses, his insatiable passion for family and community prove that despite an abundance of wealth and notoriety, he's possibly one of the nicest guys you could know. This mogul has a long-standing history of outstanding charitable work aimed at making the world we live in a better place. Being outspoken on various politically incorrect topics allows Paul to be viewed as an expert in his field as well as a public icon. Paul's heavily opinionated views on money, religion, politics, family, and philanthropy always seem to resonate well with the masses.

Well not everyone. One day everything changes! A string of smack you in your face shocking catastrophes stir up plot twists leading to a total and immediate shake up of his tight knit loving family. Paul's flourishing multi-million dollar business and hard earned legacy are also vulnerable to demise. One unexpected tragedy snowballs into an unpredictable series of unfortunate events blindsiding everyone by pinning their backs up against the wall. A credible and imminent threat to everything Paul has worked for lurks just beyond the horizon. Paul's loyal wife Angela is suddenly thrust into an overwhelmingly maddening predicament. Under tremendous pressure and following the advice of the wrong voices in her head, she unknowingly puts herself and the lives of those she loves directly in harm's way.

Paul and Angela's two teenage children rise to the occasion and begin showing their true colors when adversity puts its stranglehold grip on the family. Sides are taken and lines are crossed as they all begin isolating themselves from each other. One wants to control the family's money to fund a high risk reckless lifestyle. The other just wants life to go back to the way it once was. Angela is trapped in the middle devising her own methods of how to make things right again. When you think you finally have a sense of what this family is going through, go several levels lower then you'll begin to understand the immense despair they are trying to overcome.

Become a personal eyewitness to the vivid scenery and events detailed of the glorious and marvelous heaven above as well as the dark and fiery beast laden pits of the hell below us. In addition to the great storyline taking place within the Branch family, this is one of the best books about death and the afterlife experience. The propulsive narrative of "The Nicest Guy In Hell" makes this absorbing read hard to stop turning the pages. Hang on tight because you'll be surprised by what takes place in the story just around the bend. Everything you think you know will be blindsided by the one thing you didn't see coming. You'll soon realize that it gets harder and harder to put down as the book races to its unexpected ending.

You'll need to dive in spoiler free before picking up this highly addictive novel. Just know that in the end, all secrets carried in the dark will one day be regretfully revealed in the light. Everyone will ultimately come to realize they must now live forever with the consequences of choices made. Good or bad.... .

Why Read This Book?

Plot twist and dramatic storyline will keep you engaged.

*You'll be turning pages thinking, I can't believe what I just read!

*Entertaining, powerful, and thought provoking dialogue will force you to stop and think.

*Indulge your senses in a well-paced novel sprinting to an unexpected ending.

The Nicest Guy In Hell is truly a unique must read book to experience in your lifetime!

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0692485643 / 9780692485644
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US Trade Paper
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5.5" x 8.5"
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Fiction / Religious / General

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