The 12 Angular Points of Social Justice and Peace

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About the author:
Parallel to an international law career in Germany, Switzerland and the United States, Dr. Peter Fritz Walter (Pierre) focused upon fine art, cookery, astrology, musical performance, social sciences and humanities.

He started writing essays as an adolescent and received a high school award for creative writing and editorial work for the school magazine.

After finalizing his law diplomas, he graduated with an LL.M. in European Integration at Saarland University, Germany, and with a Doctor of Law title from University of Geneva, Switzerland, in 1987.

He then took courses in psychology at the University of Geneva and interviewed a number of psychotherapists in Lausanne and Geneva, Switzerland. His interest was intensified through a hypnotherapy with an Ericksonian American hypnotherapist in Lausanne. This led him to the recovery and healing of his inner child.

In 1986, he met the late French psychotherapist and child psychoanalyst Françoise Dolto (1908-1988) in Paris and interviewed her. A long correspondence followed up to their encounter which was considered by the curators of the Dolto Trust interesting enough to be published in a book alongside all of Dolto's other letter exchanges by Gallimard Publishers in Paris, in 2005.

After a second career as a corporate trainer and personal coach, Pierre retired as a full-time writer, philosopher and consultant.

His nonfiction books emphasize a systemic, holistic, cross-cultural and interdisciplinary perspective, while his fiction works and short stories focus upon education, philosophy, perennial wisdom, and the poetic formulation of an integrative worldview.

Pierre is a German-French bilingual native speaker and writes English as his 4th language after German, Latin and French. He also reads source literature for his research works in Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and Dutch. In addition, Pierre has notions of Thai, Khmer, Chinese and Japanese.

All of Pierre's books are hand-crafted and self-published, designed by the author. Pierre publishes via his Delaware company, Sirius-C Media Galaxy LLC, and under the imprints of IPUBLICA and SCM (Sirius-C Media).

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The 12 Angular Points of Social Justice and Peace

Social Policy for the 21st Century

Authored by Peter Fritz Walter

'The 12 Angular Points of Social Justice and Peace'-2017 Revised, Updated and Reformatted Edition-presents an articulate peace agenda that contains twelve distinct proposals for reducing violence to a minimum while promoting and encouraging pleasure-seeking behaviors both in children and adults.

The proposals are based upon research evidence of the often overlooked bioenergetic roots of violence demonstrating how the historical turndown of the pleasure function through morality/moralism resulted in an inevitable upsurge of violence through the neurodissociative brain.

Newest research on early tactile deprivation conducted by James W. Prescott, Ashley Montagu, Frederick Leboyer, Michel Odent and others namely shows the correlation between mother-infant affectional bonding, tactile pleasure and breastfeeding for the development of the healthy, neurointegrative brain and the building of peaceful/affectionate behaviors. The most important research results are:
-Violence is learnt, not inborn, and not part of natural human behavior;
-Violence is a response of the biosystem to the denial of pleasure/desire;
-Violence is a collective malfunctioning of a society that replaced love by morality.

The audience for this book is the general public, one one hand, professionals in education and psychiatry, on the other, and last not least government counsel responsible for new ideas in social policy making, and interested to be inspired by a new kind of agenda that does away with 'moralizing' and with the age-old belief that the human being was an 'impossible' one and had to be bettered, reformed, and 'civilized.'

The Peace Agenda consists of the following 12 Proposals:
01/12 - Crime Prevention
02/12 - The Possible Human
03/12 - Fostering Public Sanity
04/12 - Respecting Natural Intimacy
05/12 - Serving Children
06/12 - More Public Education
07/12 - Free Education
08/12 - Politically Neutral Science
09/12 - Humanism and Realism
10/12 - Promoting Pleasure-Seeking Behaviors
11/12 - Male Affection as a Peace Conductor
12/12 - Fostering Permissive Education

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1515143511 / 9781515143512
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