True Human Freedom

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About the author:
Ano Hanamana has devoted his life to articulating the GaiaYoga Vision, pioneering and manifesting GaiaYoga Culture at GaiaYoga Gardens (, an intentional community based on the values of GaiaYoga, Nonviolent Communication (NVC), Permaculture, Tantra, Raw Food, and True Human Freedom. He is also a father of two toddlers, a coconut free-climber, a NVC teacher, an eco-entrepreneur, and an author of three other books: Instinctive Eating: The Lost Knowledge of Optimum Nutrition (1996); An Introduction to GaiaYoga: A Holistic Vision for Living Sustainably as Spirit, Self, Community, and Earth (2001); and the complete book of all of his songs and poems, Transplant-Shock-Therapy: The Poetic Pilgrimage of a Suburban Refugee (2014). He is also the principal songwriter, singer, and rhythm guitarist for the progressive, shamanic, folk-rock band, Nagdeo.

Ano moved to Puna, Hawaii in 1992 searching, at first, for a place he could eat raw food all year round. He found that, and as the years went on, his vision broadened to include all aspects of life and the desire to recreate human culture from the ground up. Now, with a lot of grace and help from fellow GaiaYogis, he is co-founding a well-researched, dynamic, sustainable-and-holistic community and cultural template, in the lush, Hawaiian, permacultured rain forest, right now!


True Human Freedom

The Inspiration and Argument for GaiaYoga(r) Culture

Authored by Ano Tarletz Hanamana
Edition: 1

How do you explain to a fish that's swum in the same water its whole life; realizes something just doesn't seem quite right, but doesn't know what it is or why, that the water itself is polluted and poisoning her? How can a desire be created in that fish to do what it really needs to do in order to scratch this ineffable itch -- which is not to find more fish to hunt, bigger fins, a nicer cave to sleep in, or make more offspring -- but in fact is to remove itself from this water and get into clean water, because the actual context it lives in IS the primary source of its dis-ease?

Just like this fish, we've been "swimming" in cultures and families for generations that make it impossible to enjoy True Human Freedom. We've been conditioned to be content with "false human freedom" and not live our full potential as individuals, families, or communities. With all my heart, I ask you to explore the vision and teaching in my book True Human Freedom: The Inspiration and Argument for GaiaYoga Culture. I believe it points to the "something" that many of us have been yearning for, but haven't had the support or clarity to recognize and then take action towards. True Human Freedom is possible, but to pursue it we must leave this "polluted water" (internally and externally), and also change the way we swim, and perhaps who we swim with. It is possible! Let me explain...

True Human Freedom isn't another cliché spiritual or utopian manifesto. It's a radical, holistic meditation on our total human condition... How does our culture impact our lives and consciousness? Can we develop keen discrimination about the mutitude of diverse cultural experiments that have arisen on our planet? Based on this clarity, can we design and co-create a new culture that is grounded in our real and natural limits, yet supports the full expression of our humanity? Can we realize our amazing potential, sustainably, together, in reality? We can!

GaiaYoga is a holistic cultural vision, life-practice, and consciousness, that lets us re-create our lives so they are sane, sustainable, and in harmony with Spirit, self, community, and Earth. More than an individual's practice, GaiaYoga includes living in social structures that reflect our true human nature. It's an antidote for the predominant (in)human culture based on unchecked capitalism, fantasy, dysfunctional family-systems, absence of integrity, emotional illiteracy, fear and oppression ofnature, chemical dependence, and broken relationships.

"After reading True Human Freedom, I feel awakened. I've been given the gift of awareness... awareness of what I've blindly accepted as true, unquestionable, and universal. I've also been given the gift of inspiration... a new, beautiful, hopeful vision of what our future can look like. Ano's arguments connect with me on a deep and authentic level -- no surprise, because they are based on an unapologetic, real, holistic view of our instincts, desires, genetic makeup, spirituality, and primal social needs as human beings."
-- Julia Sokolyansky, Dancer/Choreographer and Graduate of Landmark Curriculum for Living, NYC

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