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Game Over

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Carl N. Brown is not my biographer...

About the author:

Nickolaus Pacione is the author of seven books and edited nine anthologies. Pacione managed to catch one of the plagiarists with this novel in one form as this is his first novel. He has edited Tabloid Purposes as a series, two anthologies that carry his name and a few other things too. He took what he applied from editing Aiden Jenson's Presents The Gateway and applied it to his first novel; you can reach him on
   since age 14 and was published since he was 20 years of age online. He was 33 years old when he wrote this novel and it was at the halfway point on the anniversary when he wrote A Cemetery Dream. This will mark all seven of his titles as author will be on Pacione grew up most of his life around Chicago and lives within the Joliet area known as the Southlands. Authored Collectives In A Forsaken Landscape and Metascape, Dirty Black Winter, Suburbanite's Confessional, An Eye In Shadows, The Writings Collected: Vol. Two, and Game Over (not to be confused with Joseph Locke's word salad.)
   He's been a publisher since 2004 and operated with for a long time before Legend Keeper emerged. This is the exact cover he co-designed with Publish America though America Star Publishing didn't like Pacione's ideas for the cover he suggested. A dead woman in the bath tub with the handwritten "Game Over" next to it. This one along with Legend Keeper, had a very diabolical tone to them. Pacione showed how sinister he can get with just this release.
   Pacione caught Carl N. Brown claiming to be his biographer and pirated his work, he retorted with the controversial, "Child-fucking cunt" retort on disqus as he learned Jared Fogle is a year younger than he is. Born August 3, 1976, within the Schamburg Township (Elk Grove Village.) He goes, "You want to end my run as a publisher, you have better luck copulating with your mother."
   He seen Kealan Patrick Burke challenge him to a fight when he quipped and taunted him with, "Why don't you ask Bram The Talking Wonder Dog about The Cabbie Homicide." The ethnic slurs went back and forth on that one. Sangiovanni hopes Pacione reunites with Porras behind bars as she made it clear she is having a block party for his supporters (as in facebook block list.) She even acknowledged him as a publisher explaining she wants to end his run.

Game Over

Authored by Nickolaus Albert Pacione
Created by Nickolaus Pacione
From an idea by Nickolaus Pacione
Designed by Nickolaus Pacione
Commentaries by Nickolaus Pacione
Cover design or artwork by Nickolaus Pacione, American Star Publishing
Edition: 2nd Printing

Back in the tail end of February of 2010, after Issue 10 was published I was hoping to come up with a short story. The next think I knew I was writing a novel for a good part of a year an this became that novel. GAME OVER as it was published originally with America Star Books (aka PublishAmerica) and I co-designed the covers on the America Star Editions but the gripe everyone had was this was too high for a novel that size. An unnamed source managed to snag my novel from the plagiarist. I asked her about this and she sent me the PDF. Robert L. Baupader as I confirmed he had plagiarized this work. This novel is a study in professional rivalry taken to horrific extremes. This is rather diabolical about how I approached it and it's the kind a novel only someone who has experience working as a publisher can really pull off.
    Brian Keene was caught violating my copyrights a few times. He in an e-mail admitted he enabled my work to be plagiarized. It is a strong guess but I am guessing of S. E. Cox enabled this to be stolen as well. Well fuck that noise. This novel took a full year to write and the plagiarists I am dealing with thought they were clever to pull a LCR PDF with the novel and call the thing Gayme Over yeah whatever. This is based upon the rivalry between me and DJ Propaganda. I figured some of you can complete your author'd by collection with this included in the library too. I found an article on Chicago Sun-Times about his arrest and now when I see that this novel might be more fun to play around with as Pete is a public figure as pinterested his arrest photo from North Riverside's Finest.
    This is a return of doing the baroque tappings in horror I am prone for. This is Gothic Horror meets Philosophical Fiction where you see characters mentioned from my other works of fiction in passing. This novel came when a former friend. The DJ known as Peter Propaganda and I who did events together in 2006-2007 had decided to spit in my face when I gave him a friendly invitation to join the magazine I helm. This along with Legend Keeper are my largest of the Gothic output; you have angryinillinois (he used to burn my books. Made up a lie about a loan as I have the rule of no GBLT content and no sexual content. So he did a scam about taking over my imprint trying to make one lie up after another about how I "had lost" Lake Fossil Press then turning it into a liberal safe haven. Political correctness is dead in my literary world (haven't you figured that out by now?) Well this one, who uses to steal my work and put his patsy's bylines on it. I don't release single author titles unless it's my own or a public domain where I introduce the book myself.
    The novel when I went to make this edited to reclaim my work I needed to find a program that reads OCR to fix this because the novel was 88 pages in the letter format. When published with America Star Publishing. I'm sure they would file DMCA on the cover well it's mine too as I co-designed this. The characters from The Fandom Writer, Media Darling and introduced a dark publication where one of the published me with Apt. #2W made a cameo in the fictional magazine.
    The novel is designed in a way I wish I was able to do and Dagstine suggested I published Game Over here to begin with. Well for commending me on the 7 book authorship; this is a gift to you guys. You get GAME OVER by me. The novel that has the same level of force as Legend Keeper. Now this edition is the same size as Legend Keeper. I wrote Legend Keeper as this is the same size as Game Over but much faster. It's presented in the Apple Garamond 10.5 typeface. Rule of thumb if you're going to plagiarize from someone, don't go after someone who is a true to form cyber-techie.

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151750662X / 9781517506629
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US Trade Paper
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6" x 9"
Black and White with Bleed
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Fiction / Horror / General

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