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The Garden

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About the author:
I have a story to tell. Some will say it's a very vivid tale from a very strange author. Others will tell you that I should be locked up, that things like this just aren't true. But they are.

The story I want to tell you really happened. How do I know? Well, I was there. The dragon king, Envir gave me permission to come back from his world and told me to tell the story so that others, people like the ones in the story will know there is hope.

I will tell you my name is K. S. Carol. I'm not...not really. But for the purpose of this book that's who I'll be. I'm a teller of tales and the scribe of my world. Not this one, but one that defies all that you have known.

Aurora was having a bad day. Actually she was having a bad life. Her mother had just died and she inherited a tapestry, a knife and a box. But she didn't want them. She wanted her well ordered life to go on well ordered. But the Lady Elizabeth and Envir decided that things would be better if she came to them. So when she was trying to decide what to do with these new gifts she fell into the beautiful tapestry.

Her life as she'd known it was gone. The world in which she found herself in was rich in magic, creatures she'd never heard of and a few she thought only to be myth. Aurora was their only hope and she thought that with her...

Well, it would be very unfair of me to tell you the whole of her story before I've begun the tale now wouldn't it?.

The Garden

The Kingdom of Enneahedral Series

Authored by K. S. Carol

It's supposed to be spring. The trees in bloom, flowers sprouting up from the ground to show their colors off to the world and those that inhabited it. Green grasses, leaves and even babies to bring in the new season.
Aurora should have known that nothing was ever what you expected here.
Leaving behind one of her best men, she was worried for his brother. Trianam was short, sad and she felt sorry for him. But there was no time to coddle him. There was a monster, an ice monster about and he was claiming the land as his own.
"My name is Maevi. I am the king of winter and all that you see. I have taken this land as my own and I rule it. I have not given you permission to be here so explain yeself and I may let you yet live."
He had indeed taken all of the land. There was such a cold in the air that nothing could live. The snow was piled so high in places that it look like a mountain. And the lake was frozen solid. A block of ice so thick and so wide that Aurora felt that nothing would swim in its depths again.
And it was poison.
"Nay my lady, that ran out of water a few days ago. I've put snow in the barrel and we've been drinking it. Keeps it mightily cold, which I have enjoyed but there was no reason for us to go with a powerful thirst so I have been keeping it filled. Do you have a problem with the way I am working around things, my lady?" She looked around shaking her head. It would explain a great deal. They're tempers were sharper today and even Pavel was short too. And the more snow that replaced the waters that they brought in the barrel, the shorter their tempers were and their need to murder higher.
Aurora and her band of merry men have their work cut out for them this time. A self-proclaimed frozen king. Supplies running low and she can't contact the one person who can help her. Envir, the dragon king is cut off from her more so than before. There seems to be no hope this time... or is there?
The Garden, the fifth book in the Kingdom of Enneahedral series.

Publication Date:
1629894036 / 9781629894034
Page Count:
Binding Type:
US Trade Paper
Trim Size:
6" x 9"
Black and White
Related Categories:
Fiction / Action & Adventure

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