World Peace - The Transition

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About the author:
Edward Tilley lives in Oakville, Ontario, Canada and is an Author, Innovation Futurist, Lecturer, CEO; CIO, CTO, CFO, COO, who has led 300+ complex hitech projects in dozens of major corporations and governments running more than 500 projects annually.

Edward is a brilliant, big-picture, process-minded and strategic engineer, life-long student, and though-leader with the experience needed to research and build a workable plan for World Peace.

He exceeds a PhD equivalence in Engineering and Technology in career; and greatly enjoys research in facts, history, economics, business, political science, engineering, automation, and robotics.

Family and society are important to him as his forefathers were Puritans and Founding Fathers. History connects us all to the importance of leveraging lessons from the past.

In community volunteer roles, he founded one of the largest Minor Sports organization in Southern Ontario, and that volunteer work gave him the chance to hire eight management teams and to get to know 800 young people and their parents in programs every year as well. This connected him to the next generation and to their hopes for a bright future.

In Edwards words...
World Peace is an important topic and I hope that I've provided valuable insights. Writing this book has changed the way that I look at the everything.

The meaningful life has little to do with unreflective happiness nor religion, rather it is a life filled with worthwhile projects and families is one of those projects too.

I choose to write books that are prodigious and maybe even epic, about projects that make the world a better place.

Join me as where I look forward to reading about your BIO & Worthwhile Projects too.

World Peace - The Transition

Of an Automated Society

Authored by Mr Edward M Tilley
Edition: 1

Does anyone imagine that they will starve once food is grown and transported to your door automatically? And shelter, energy and incomes are guaranteed sustainably as well. Germany has the strongest economy per capita in the G8 with free education, healthcare, terrific wealth distribution and a very positive future.

World Peace - The Transition, explains how we lost the American Dream in the G8 countries and then it explains how to put economic controls back in place to correct this. Manual economies must monetize and then distribute wealth in order to succeed, so at the same time that we repair our manual economy, #WPProjects coordinates the efforts of 200 countries worldwide to each build one just project in support of a fully automated, sustainable production economy. This creates a brand new export market that pays for safety nets that guarantee incomes, free education, healthcare, benefits, retirements and more.

The driverless car took just two years to develop to an initial Pilot release that has now driven one million accident-free miles. Once we automate the basics of life and human rights, these automations can easily be scaled worldwide to the 80% of this planet that do not have these basics today - so that these people can participate in a new sustainable global prosperity and World Peace.

Solutions suggested are taken from wide research in economics, engineering, history, business, technology, leadership, transformation (project management), and even philosophy, to create a simple straight-forward series of step-by-step instructions that lead society to a Good Life by a Right Plan (Aristotle's name for the American Dream) - scalably and reliably for seven billion people.

World Peace can work because it has worked before; It will work because it is already started and is already stumbling along a winding path toward completion.

This book introduces the new field of Transition Economics to explain the detail workings of safety nets, guaranteed incomes and retraining for displaced workers as needed to permit automation in support of higher productivity. In the end, as Aristotle put it, masters will no longer have need of slaves.

CSQ Common Sense 101 introduced lessons that defined what are the basic building blocks of a worthwhile and sustainable society; a society in which a Good Life was possible. A Good Life is a life where basic human needs and human rights are met for all sustainably; a life where basic needs of food, clean water, family and family friendly communities, transportation, and energy are met by solutions in technology, transformation processes, and common sense.

In this book, it is never enough to simply explain what are the goals; that builds little more than a vapid platitude. Rather, here, I explain specifically How to build the solutions as well - step-by-step as laid out in 19 of the 38 projects from the CSQ 100 Year Plan. Those projects needed to build a sustainable World Peace are called #WPProjects. We simply need to understand - "The Transition".

To build this plan, we all need to unlearn a dozen well-intentioned bits of nonsense that we have all been conditioned to believe since childhood, such as systems of housing, government policy, Usury, monetary systems, tertiary Economies and the author leaves it to the reader to validate the supporting research of decisions made at every step as well.

John F Kennedy, Hammurabi, Da Vinci, Aristotle, Queen Elizabeth I, Alan Turing and Gene Roddenberry, all contributed to this plan and I cannot hope to count all of the millions of Engineers and Team One and Team Two Builders among us who already have, and who will very soon, help to contribute to making this plan a reality.

Get started today; table a #WPProjects 2016 Agenda at the United Nations, in your country, state, municipal councils, and business and academic boardrooms - and lets get building again!

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