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About the author:
Dr. Asher is a Hebrew Scholar whose main area of study has been in Ancient Middle Eastern Comparative Religion and Semitic languages, with an emphasis on the Hebrew biblical, and later period Judaic cult sects influence and effect on Islam and Christianity.
Although breaking from the modern version of his original Karaite-Hebrew roots, Dr. Asher hails from an uninterrupted family lineage of Karaite Torah scholars whose family ties originate in the Galilee area of Northern Canaan. Dr. Asher's earlier teachings advance the original ancient Karaite tradition of uncompromising data extrapolation and dissemination, and specific to the original Hebrew culture, traditions, and language from a more spiritually based root.
Dr. Asher's ongoing teaching emphasis has been to free people from manmade religions by distilling more ancient truths via the eldest texts available, and in lieu of the later period corrected texts, and cultural traditions.
Dr. Asher spent most of his childhood in NY & NJ, continuing his learning in his early twenties in Israel, where he also received his citizenship. During his formative years Dr. Asher was exposed to the Christian religion extensively by those around him. Learning the Torah from the age of seven, he quickly identified that most Judeo-Christians and Jews of other sects were deeply misinformed on all levels of ancient Hebrew history, and in need of clarifications. Thus, he ignores no opportunity or circumstance to teach anyone who would listen. In doing so Dr. Asher has dedicated himself to the teaching of the Eternal Creator's original spiritual laws and path among all who wish to know, and be separated from their narrative driven religious slavery.
To this end, and before publishing any of his books, Dr. Asher formed the Ancient Hebrew Learning Center, which has been the focal point for his free online and personal instruction worldwide. Those who glean insight from Dr. Asher include people spanning all religious faiths; all of which are people searching beyond their fundamental religions for a more original truth which eludes them. His factual, hard-hitting teachings demand a paradigm shift. To most strident religionists he is at best controversial, and at times even hated. So, it would seem his exercise in truth must be hitting some very raw nerves; and with this latest spiritual adventure, Soul Revolution, he does not disappoint.

Soul Revolution

The Trinity of Humanity

Authored by Dr Shmuel Asher
Edited by Mrs Jenna Ruth
Edition: 1

Where the Land of MEAT & Honey proved religions falsities, opened long hidden truths and taught how to make the much needed physical and soul return back to our Creator; SOUL Revolution combines new and amazing findings from our modern sciences with our many ancient stories, myths and superstition narratives, and mingles the many specific parallels between them. Finally bringing both the ancient and modern back together in order to provide a panoramic view of WHO our souls truly are; WHERE we actually are; WHY we are truly here within this physical existence; WHAT this physical existence actually is; and most importantly, WHO it is that has and continues to control us both physically and spiritually by their evil stream of consciousness, and HOW they thwart our souls return back to our true Creator!

This book is about reality and truths, both long forgotten, and hidden, and certainly not to suggest or institute yet another religious narrative. It is my hope however that the reader be opened up to our modern reality of incredible emerging science finally reuniting with, and proving out the wisdom of our ancient ancestors' understandings which have long been taught as fables and myth, reemerging again to verify our literal reality. One major, recent scientifically verified reiteration from our past has centered on the "living soul" in direct connection to our physicality's DNA within all people! However, even among all the great science which is now beginning to illuminate the ancient metaphysical, I believe there still exists yet one major gap in all of man's understanding concerning our living-soul; a consciousness gap to our true identity; A "Metaphysical Missing Link!"

WARNING TO THE READER: The scientific data and ancient narratives as they have been depicted and paralleled in this book to prove out the points made above, may be highly alarming to some people and cause disruptions to their religious paradigm!

Publication Date:
152290350X / 9781522903505
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US Trade Paper
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6" x 9"
Black and White
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Body, Mind & Spirit / Reincarnation

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