The Shadow Universe of Dark Matter Life

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The Shadow Universe of Dark Matter Life

Authored by Dan Harp

Most of us think of the universe in terms of that small percent we can observe with our own senses, although scientific research and instrumentation is starting to reveal greater complexities and hidden mysteries.

Democritus, a Greek philosopher from the 5th century BC, come up with the first quantum theory describing “atomos”, as he called atoms, which were specific to the material that they composed, could have collisions, rebound or stick together, so dissociations or combinations of these atoms could result in changes in matter.

Cosmic energy goes back as much as the 17th century BC in the written record, but who knows how far back that mankind has recognized this primal and essential energy of the universe for health, vitality and longevity.

Cosmic energy is the Hindu translation of “Shakti” which means “Empowerment” or “Power” and represents the dynamic forces thought to move through the entire universe.

Other cultural terms include Hindu Prana, Apana and Yyana, Chinese Chi (Qi), Vietnamese Khi, Korean Gi, Japanese Ki, subtle energy and woo energy, Hebrew koach-ha-guf, Greek Bios, English Aether, American Indians Orenda, Polynesian Mana, and Ancient Germans Od which are believed to be a part of any living thing, translating to breath, air, gas, or life force that permeates the universe.

At least one scientific theory, “The Grand Unification of Dark Matters: The Dark Universe Reviled”, suggests that Cosmic Energy is actually the vapor (gaseous) form of Composite Dark Matter, which can also take on molecular structure with at least solid, liquid and gaseous states.

Let’s face it, cosmic energy is well-substantiated in the historic record, where the leading dark matter theory, Weakly Interacting Massive Particle (WIMP) has had a 30 year run now, largely because it came out of String Theory and Supersymmetry, with countless “direct-detect” experimental results yielding NOTHING!

Scientists are starting to say WIMP’s have had all the chances they are going to get to show up, so the real question is what to look for next?

Meanwhile, there is overwhelming cosmological evidence of dark matter indicators on larger scales, with simulations and models for various hypothetical candidates that need to be ruled out. Dark matter as a composite “transparent matter”, perhaps with a different quantum phase, is a serious contender.

Even so, the only conclusive proof of dark matter will come from “direct-detect” experiments to isolate these particle(s). Although detector technologies are improving, this could be a very long road, even though the health benefits alone are enormous, never mind all the other potential advancements.

Let’s hope it doesn’t take another 30 years to discover something that a very large percentage of our population is already aware of on some level, the WIMP contender, “Composite Dark Matter” also known as “Cosmic Energy”, has already been known about for centuries.

Composite dark matter represents a pseudo or shadow 5th dimension, very much similar to a parallel universe, occupying the same space that is occurring in the four dimensions that we can all relate to.

This book takes you through how humans have evolved with cosmic energy, along with effective techniques for personal transformation; including how to activate your minds-eye, raise your kundalini, expand your consciousness and perception, raise your intuition and awareness, energize your very being, and improve your overall health and wellbeing.

Throughout this book we will explore various physical energy influences behind dark matter life, dark matter flora, cosmic energy, along with other influences on your overall energy levels and how it all works, with techniques that can help boost your creativity and inspiration in ways you can hardly even imagine, while we wait for experimental physics, medical science and technology to catch up.

Expand your knowledge and perception of the universe starting today!

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