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Leaf & Echo Peak

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About the author:
Jo Marshall lives in the Pacific Northwest near volcanoes, rainforests, and coastal wetlands. She is concerned about climate change impacting the wildlife and forests in this region, and so her timely, eco-literature novels describe this transforming world by means of fantastic adventures about impish, stick creatures called Twigs.

Jo spent seven years as a volunteer literacy tutor for elementary school students. In D.C. from 1999 to 2006 she worked as the Legal Assistant for the General Counsels of two nonprofits - Oceana and The Paralyzed Veterans of America. Jo earned a B.A. in German Language & Literature from the University of Maryland Europe. From 1984-1987 she worked as a liaison between the military and international communities in West Berlin.

Jo enjoys mysteries, puzzles, board games, and Big Band era music. She lives in Snohomish, Washington.

All rights to the 'Twig Stories' art are held by the author Jo Marshall.

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Leaf & Echo Peak

Authored by Jo Marshall
Illustrated by D. W. Murray

In a vast forest impish stick creatures called Twigs are caught up in an extraordinary adventure when a mammoth volcano rumbles a warning. Changes are coming to the old forest! One young Twig named Leaf and his brave friends must escape when Echo Peak wakes up, but all the forest paths are perilous. Some try a river escape, while others dare the cliffs of a gorge. Leaf and his Twig friends Rustle and Feather risk the gloom of a snaking, prehistoric lava tube, but a starving mole and big-eared bats stalk them in the dark. Twigs must stick together for their only safety may be in the distant Red Forest to the west, but does it even exist?

In the previous three adventure novels Twigs are thrust upon dangerous paths. Still, they discover their world has unexpected help. In the midst of disappearing habitats, beavers build mighty dams to control floods and quench wildfires. Bark beetles are fought. Rare trees are saved from extinction. Glaciers may shrink, but their precious water is not lost. Now Twigs must learn a lesson from the eruption of a volcano ~ incredible adaption is possible, so Leaf and his loyal Twig friends stick together and battle to survive.

Royalties are shared with nature conservancy nonprofits that protect wildlife and forests.

Twig Stories are illustrated by D.W. Murray, a Disney artist. His credits include Mulan, Tarzan, Lilo & Stitch, Brother Bear, Curious George, and many more. He is a recipient of the New York Society of Illustrators Gallery and the 2004 Gold Aurora Award.

Praise for Leaf & Echo Peak:

"This children's book opens a rich and imaginative forest world full of characters whose adventures create a different perspective on wildlife and their interactions due to natural and human-induced climate change and how each adapt with the change. Illustrations are gorgeous adding vibrant stimulation to mind as the reader follows the many ups and downs of the main characters. Much insight into the dynamics of forest ecosystems is provided in following these clever creatures. The book is imaginative and gives an added bonus with the "Watch Over Wildlife" at the end of the book, further engaging the readers."

Dr. Tim Foresman
Professor and SIBA Chair in Spatial Information
Institute for Future Environments - Science and Engineering Faculty
Queensland University of Technology

"Not only is Leaf & Echo Peak an adventuresome and humorous journey of animals and their Twig friends as they attempt to escape a pending eruption of Echo Peak, it is a look into Northwestern natural history and the dynamics between family and friends. Throughout the story, Jo Marshall reminds us that change is how we find new ways to grow. Twigs and their animal friends learn that with adaption and tenacity, life is resilient."

Abigail Groskopf
Science Education Director
Mount St. Helens Institute, MSHI Website
Learn more about the return to life at Mount St. Helens at

"The adventures of Twigs use fantasy to introduce simple science for 8-12 year olds. Twigs and Seeder and all of the other plants and animals live in a scary place where earthquakes and volcanoes are a natural part of the landscape, much like the northwestern United States. The creatures of the woods have long learned to deal with these ecological disasters. Humans have the same responses-ask the elders, leave, run, and then accept the new reality. That's an important lesson hidden in the fantasy."

Eleanora I. Robbins, PhD
Science Explorers Club

Publication Date:
1523782528 / 9781523782529
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Binding Type:
US Trade Paper
Trim Size:
5.5" x 8.5"
Black and White
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Fiction / Fantasy / General

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