Historic and Modern Plasma Evidence

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Historic and Modern Plasma Evidence

Illustrated Science

Authored by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

The great historic monuments, Stonehenge, and the Giza Pyramids, stand as evidence for plasma physics on the cosmic scale. The alignment of the pyramids with the meridian is so precise as if it had been achieved with a marker in the sky as a reference point, which likely was the case. In the recovery period from the last Ice Age, some of the features of the "Primer Fields' that focus interstellar plasma unto the Sun would likely have been visible in the night sky on the horizon. The Stonehenge monument, too, reflects features of plasma physics that were likely seen in the sky, at the time, and were replicated.
The only visible evidence of cosmic plasma physics that remains in modern time, are the solar wind and the solar corona. In mainstream cosmology, both remain an enigma and are largely ignored as no basis is recognized for them to exist. In plasma cosmology, no such enigma is encountered. Here the anciently and modernly recognized phenomena blend as reflections of common universal principles that are well understood and experimentally replicated in laboratory experiments, and are even evident in satellite measurements in space.
The evidence illustrates that the Plasma Universe is not entropic in nature, but is self-creating and self-sustaining by the nature of space that is energy itself; which is a concept pioneered by David Bohm, whom Einstein had referred to as his successor.
In the real universe, the cosmic operations are anti-entropic in nature, and expanding and progressing. We, ourselves are evidence of this progression. Neither is our Sun isolated from the progressive nature of the universe, but expresses its dynamics, its resonating plasma streams, and their reflection in the climate on Earth. Climate Change reflects the nature of the universe. The Earth itself is the creation of the Sun, with its atoms having been massively synthesized in high-energy times near the center of the galaxy.
The synthesizing plasma fusion is presently at a low state, though it is currently enhanced for our Sun by electromagnetic 'Primer Fields' that focus interstellar plasma onto the Sun in a highly condensed manner. When the plasma-focusing system becomes inactive, below the required threshold conditions, the Sun reverts to a type of cosmic default level with 70% less energy being radiated, and higher rates of solar cosmic-ray flux being experienced.
At the present rate of plasma diminishment being experienced, the solar activity phase-shift threshold to the next Ice Age period may be crossed in 30 years, or in the 2050s, most likely. With the primer-fields system gone inactive by then, the climate on Earth will get 40 times colder than the Little Ice Age in the 1600s had been. Ice core evidence promises that. Without the needed preparations for human living in such an environment, 99% of humanity would die of starvation, both by the cold, and by CO2 depletion that diminishes agriculture, as more CO2 becomes dissolved into the sea.

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