Anti-Entropy versus Entropy

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Anti-Entropy versus Entropy

Illustrated Science

Authored by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

The Big Bang Creation theory is a highly imaginary mythological tale that is built on the premise that 99.9999% of the universe does not exist. This means that it is so full of holes in its premise that it would make Swiss Cheese envious.
Two questions present themselves here: What is the nature of the real universe? And secondly, why is a false model intentionally created? The answers are reflected in the title. The real universe is anti-entropic. The false model is intentionally the opposite. It defines the universe as entropic. It projects the concept of entropy as a universal condition, that as a lie, excuses the economic collapse of the world, or nations, that have become subjected to systems of empire. The system of empire is anti-economic. It is entropic. Both fronts are critical to be understood, because If they are not, the Ice Age Challenge will not be addressed and be responded to, so that the coming phase shift to glaciation conditions in the 2050s will overwhelm humanity, with very few people surviving the consequences. That's why 3 books are needed to explore the issues.
Mainstream cosmology regards the universe, the galaxies, and the solar system exclusively organized by gravitational force that is known to be the weakest universal force. Mass and gravity are all that Big Bang Theory allows. However, the next higher-order force in the universe is the electric force that is 39 orders of magnitude stronger than the gravitational force. It is expressed in plasma that makes up 99.9999% of the universe. This reality is not allowed to be recognized as an organizing force in the universe, because it is expressed in electrically charged plasma that is deemed not to exist. Cosmology thereby imprisons itself with cosmo-mythologies where nothing is actually true, and humanity becomes imprisoned with it, by the false concepts. One of biggest imprisoning fudge factors, is the Big Bang theory itself.
While technology has furnished astronomy with amazing capacities for looking at the universe, ironically, what is observed is being falsely interpreted on the basis of assumptions that are simply not true, that are mythological assumptions. As a consequence, ironically, mainstream astronomy looks at the universe blindfolded. What comes out of it, of course, are tragic misperceptions. The results are often so confusing that mysterious fudge factors need to be invented to make the results appear plausible. No such fudge factors are needed in plasma cosmology.
With the next Ice Age on the near horizon, potentially beginning in the 2050s, we cannot afford to play games with fudge factors. The recognition of the true nature of the universe, the galactic system, and the solar system, that together drives the Ice Age dynamics, becomes an existentially critical issue. If humanity remains 'asleep' on this front, we may all die in the easy chair of the consequence when the glaciation conditions resume, which evidence promises, will happen quickly.
Plasma in the physical universe is as challenging in perception as the spiritual domain in the human sphere. Both are invisible, except by their effects, but they are understandable and knowable. But how does one break away from the fairy tales that inspire delusions? Answers must be found.
With the Ice Age Challenge now before us, we face two imperatives. One is to understand the real physical dynamics that power and affect the Sun, and with it to create the physical infrastructures that enable human living to continue in an Ice Age climate. The second challenge, and this is the greater challenge, is to raise up our humanity to such height as will impel us to get the job done. Some say that miracles are needed on both fronts. But what of it? Are we, as human beings, not the miracle makers on the Earth?

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