Kundalini Vidya The Science of Spiritual Transformation

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Kundalini Vidya The Science of Spiritual Transformation

A comprehensive system for understanding and guiding spiritual development

Authored by Joan Shivarpita Harrigan
Edition: sixth

Kundalini Vidya is an ancient Vedic spiritual science that includes Yoga and Vedanta. It describes the workings of the Divine within, Kundalini Shakti, which is known by many names and is revered as the Holy Spirit at the core of every human soul. This sacred inner presence motivates and empowers our striving for spiritual attainment. Once released, Kundalini Shakti progresses through discernible stages of spiritual development and culminates in Self-Realization.

Kundalini Vidya is a scripture based system with a living oral tradition dating back 500 years. A special feature of this system is its description of the various types of Kundalini process that can occur based on the routes and levels Kundalini is able to reach. Essential to understanding the various ways this journey can happen is Kundalini Vidya's detailed description of the subtle body system, which includes the chakras, nadis, prana, and mind. The quality of a seeker's subtle body functioning determines much about how they experience their Kundalini rising, which in turn affects the functions of the subtle body.

When the divine Power within is released, the subtle body (energy system and mind) must be strong and clear to properly host it. Otherwise, non-ordinary experiences and uncomfortable phenomena may occur as Kundalini attempts to clear the experiencer's system and improve their process. These manifestations can be dramatic and are sometimes called a spiritual emergency, spiritual emergence issue, spiritual problem, spiritually transformative experience, or a Kundalini awakening. People in an active process of spiritual awakening sometimes report altered states of consciousness, paranormal abilities, mystical experiences, psi phenomena, psychic ability, special powers, expanded awareness, and a host of other non-ordinary capacities or holy gifts of the spirit.

The seeker must understand how to deal with these phenomena if they occur and find a way to clear and vitalize the dwelling place of the Divine power within so it can function freely and not be constrained by limitations of the individual's subtle system.

The esoteric branches of all great spiritual traditions preserve the sacred universal inner teachings conveyed in Traditional Kundalini Science and protect sincere seekers from making errors that would be harmful to their spiritual process and cause them distress.

Successful spiritual life is based on the ability to correctly understand and follow the perennial, universal wisdom revealed by the revered spiritual masters, sages, saints, adepts, and holy ones from throughout the world who exemplify the full human potential that is possible with spiritual realization. Kundalini Vidya explains how this sacred transformation takes place in human beings.

Kundalini Vidya provides important basic guidelines for identifying and supporting a healthy process of spiritual transformation. Properly supporting a Kundalini process improves spiritual development and can eventually result in enlightenment, samadhi, nirvana, liberation, and spiritual fulfillment.

Patanjali Kundalini Yoga Care is the spiritual guidance service based on Kundalini Vidya. It seeks to educate and guide sincere spiritual aspirants so they can care effectively for their physical and subtle bodies, allowing Kundalini Shakti to unblock and rise to higher levels of spiritual experience. PKYC assesses the Kundalini rising and recommends personalized spiritual practices with ongoing individualized spiritual guidance to meet the particular needs of each qualified seeker. It utilizes spiritual methods such meditation, prayer, scripture study, contemplation, breathing practices, postures, Ayurvedic supplements, and healthy, spiritual lifestyle to strengthen the subtle system and improve Kundalini process.

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