Cancer Research and Therapy

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Cancer Research and Therapy

Authored by Dr. Mahin Khatami

This book is a multidisciplinary topic that provides evidence on heavy politics and hidden agenda behind the high failure rates [90% +/-5] of cancer research and therapy. This report assesses the multi-factorial criminal motives that a highly sophisticated medical hierarchy [cancer establishment] designed for creation and control of a sick society that is drug-dependent. The power of establishment grew since 1955 when public was inoculated with million doses of virus-contaminated polio vaccines that sharply increased the deadly cancer incidence and mortality and many chronic diseases. This book is timely as additional funding [VP Biden Moonshot Initiative] is provided to support the same establishment that created the cancer tragedy for huge corporate profits. The author is concerned about new business adventure to vaccinate young generation with HPV vaccines. Scientific evidence is provided that HPV vaccination could create another wave of diseases including site-specific cancers for the next 'baby boomer' generation to be a drug-dependent society.

The projects on identification of somatic mutations in cancer molecular tsunami and bases for claimed 'targeted' therapy, 'precision' or 'personalized' medicine are out-of-focus and 'molecular false flags' based on false foundations. The policy makers have no clue how to assess the millions/billions of dollars that are wasted on too many worthless projects that are 'scientific/medical ponzi schemes' or 'bridges to nowhere'. No independent challenge or oversight by competent professionals is permitted or tolerated by establishment.

It is demonstrated that except for the 'accidental' discoveries that Khatami's research team at University of Pennsylvania established in 1980's on experimental models of acute and chronic inflammation, there is no other evidence on early stages of immune dysfunction that would lead to multistep tumorigenesis and angiogenesis. The results are the first series of evidence for a direct link between inflammation and tumorigenesis. She also demonstrated sequential interactions and synergies between host immune and non-immune cells and those of recruiting inflammatory cells during developmental phases of immune dysfunction in the direction of cell growth in ocular tissues. Khatami defined acute inflammation as balance between two biologically opposing arms, termed Yin [tumoricidal] and Yang [tumorigenic] to protect the body against all intrinsic and extrinsic hazardous materials, including growth of cancerous cells. Chronic inflammation was suggested as a common link in initiation and progression of nearly all age-associated chronic diseases and site-specific cancers. Khatami suggests that cancer growth is the ultimate severe forms of delayed hypersensitivity reactions [immune disorders] in site-specific tissues. Future experiments require systematic understanding of the early dynamics of tissue responses to external or internal threats that affect the biological harmony of organ systems. Logical approaches in understanding the cellular interactions of tissue toward immune disruptors are expected to lead to effective promotion and maintenance of the integrity of tissue and better treatment strategies.

Answer to cancer and increased public health is possible only if policy makers and cancer-stricken public realize that the might of power over the right of science must be drastically changed and reversed. This is a wake-up call to make sure that the evil part of human being does not prevent the health services that the public deserves. Otherwise, 'If you don't know [or don't want to know] how to use resources, they will never be enough'.

The author believes that 'Love doesn't want people to stay ignorant and frightened. Love doesn't value obedience over all else. Love doesn't judge and find some lives, or loves, more valuable than others. Love doesn't use people and throw them away...' Jay Jason Stacy.

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