Organic Skincare Recipes

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About the author:
Hi! My pen name is Robyna Smith-Keys. I am dyslexic & when I left school to become a hairdresser I could not take appointment without asking clients, how to spell their suburb & name. Now I write books, I hope this confession, encourages people that think they could never do this or that, to step out of their comfort zone. Life is a journey.
With my beauty school books/training manuals, I receive lots of thank you notes. When I first started writing books for the beauty industry, there were hardly any books on the subject. Now the market is flooded with them.
My nan paid for my dancing lessons, I have made some big dollars from dancing. I won "Queen Of Sydney Harbor" in 1962, also studied Aromatherapy and Architecture. In 1989, I won three major housing industry awards. Without dictionaries and check spell I could not write these books. You simply need to have a desire to design a happy life and the "will" to search for happiness in the right places. The best of life comes from your mind. Be of good character, aim for the impossible dream, be willing to take a chance, be willing to accept criticism, ignore peoples spite and do not ever let a critic stop you in your tracks.
When I was twenty-four I told someone, I was very close to, that from 5-10 years of age, her father would climb through my bedroom window and have sex with me. She never responded. When I asked her if she had heard what I said, she replied,
"Little girls have big imaginations."
Her, & I never mentioned that moment again. She has spread some malicious rumors about me. We went on with our association as though it never happened. I never ever told anyone else of my childhood disaster of hiding under the bed and in my closet, hoping in my silly little child like mind he would not look for me.
One night- age ten, I sat up and said to this man.
"My dad told me he is going to cut off your penis and tie you by your feet to our tree and leave you there to bleed to death".
He fell back out through my window and never ever came near me again. A few days later he had a stroke and never walked again nor could he speak. My dad had not told me that, in fact, my dad never ever was told of my terrible journey. Never ever underestimate the power of words. Some lies, do need to be told for survival reasons but all lies are very damaging to either the receiver or the liar. So do guard your character wisely. Looking for more power in your life? Read my book Ba Ha Ha Happy!

Organic Skincare Recipes

Edition 5 Also covers how to use electric facial machines

Authored by Robyna Smith-Keys
Edition: Edition 5

Come with me on an alluring journey into the wonderful world of Organic Skincare Curing. After five decades of assisting people with their skin issues I trust this book will save you money but more importantly beautify and heal your skin. Many a time I have viewed recipes on line via Google and feel concerned that too often the recipes are incorrect and often do not contain warnings for some ailments. As an example; Tea tree oil will dry up pussy acne but it also drys the skin surrounding the acne spots thus causing a secondary skin problem. Although I have not conducted a skin consultation with you, there is enough information in this book for you to workout the should do and should not do scenarios.
All Recipes:-

Can Be Made At Home And Save Big Dollars
Are Non-Prescription Acne Treatments
Are Ancient Remedies
Are A Tried And True Skin Fix
Fixes The Aging Skin Problems
Take Control and Overpowers Your Acne
I Cured Mine And So Can You
Without Drugs Or Expensive Mixes.

Things Covered in this book are:
LAYERS OF THE SKIN. All its functions, thickness & components}.
Acne Scars and Acnes Cures
High Frequency Treatments Benifits and Contri-indications
Acne Medication Verses High Frequency.
Galvanism-Galvanic Machine
Contra-indications to galvanic treatments
Enlarged Pores:
Fine Lines, Wrinkles, And Sagging Skin:
Puffy Eyes:
Dark Eye Circles:
Blackheads Whiteheads:
Thinning Hair:
Aftercare for galvanic treatment
Acne Scar Treatment
For and Against Commercial Products
Include chromium in your diet.
Food that contain Chromium and Vitamins
Aromatherapy Skincare
Essential Oils.
The Best Essential oils For Acne Are:
The Best Base Oil Is Olive Oil.
Oils To Be Avoided
Antidote To Homeopathy Remedies:
High Blood Pressure
Low Blood Pressure
Photosensitive to some skin types:-
Kidney Problems
Sensitizing Oils
Needs For Blending & Handling Organic Ingredients,
Essential oils, Carrier Oils or Base Oils
Blending Tables For Essential Oil Mixtures.
Organic Skincare Mixing
Eye Makeup Remover
Face Moisturizer
Body Moisturizer
Acne Scar Moisturizer
Skin Peels
Night Creams
Bees Wax Night Cream
Lip Balms
Bath Oils
Relaxation and skin repairs
Aching Legs and Muscles
After Sun
Bath Bombs Bliss Bombs Recipes
Bath Salts
Masks Recipes
Beauty Slant Position
Daily Skincare Routine
Black Molasses
Morning And Night Routines.
Recipes Plus How To Cleanse,Tone Exfoliate And Conduct A Skin Peel.
How To Make and Apply Night Creams/Night Oils
Finer Spherical Grains Are
Blending & Handling Essential Oils Items.
Carrier Oils or Base Oils
Blending Tables. For Body, Face, Children, Pregnancy.
Blending Factors
Step By Step For Acne Cure
An Old Wives Tales
Rotten Egg Gas
Black Molasses

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