Foolproof Aromatherapy

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About the author:
This is the part I do not like. Talking about me. What do you the reader need to know? Mmm. I started my beauty industry journey as a child working in family salons school holidays and weekend. In 1962 I began my apprenticeship. In the 1970s I studied Architecture and developed an award-winning kit home business. Won some major awards and loved my work creating eighteen-century style homes. I still owned my hairdressing and beauty salons and loved that work as well. In 1993 I was chosen to assist with the rewrite of the Australian Standards for the beauty industry. Then again 2007-2014 to write the international industry standards. Oh yes, I feel proud to be part of history in the makings. In 1996 I studied Aromatherapy at Naturecare College In Crows Nest Australia. What a wonderful journey that was. in 2003 my daughter opened a salon and asked if I could devote some time in her salon. Naturally, I was happy to. During that time we assisted with giving beauty students work experience. That is when I realised that all my salon protocol notes needed to be published. There were very few books for beauty salon students in the market place. Now the market is flooded with them. Google became flooded with "How To." Information, which was not always correct. This stirred my passion for the industry and compelled me to write my series of beauty school books. I am by no means a learned author, but I am passionate about the correct method of procedures. My spelling is weak, and my grammar is often of the beaten track. But my readers can rest assured that I know my industry, and I know what will and will not work. Most teachers want their students to do well and they are passionate about their work. However, they are not your family and they need to help a room filled with students.
I feel privileged to have been trained by family that constantly watched over me and corrected me. I am passing my privilege onto you, my fellow man (students) with all my love of mankind and my passion for the hair, health and beauty industry. I am doing this with my books and while I am still alive and kicking and of sound mind, (LOL) I also offer you free email support. My books are the closest thing you will ever get to a loving grandma that knows your trade. Enjoy my books and never be afraid to debate issues with me nor to ask questions via email. Love to you Robyna.

Foolproof Aromatherapy

A Guide For Home Users and Aromatherapy Students

Authored by Robyna Smith-Keys
Edition: 5

Aromatherapy is sensationally addictive! It is an alluring healing journey. Robyna has been using alternative healing methods, most of her life. Alternative healing methods, taught to her, by her family, at a very early age. Her journey blossomed after studying the healing art of Aromatherapy at Nature Care College in Sydney Australia. Robyna in 2007 was chosen to sit on the committee to rewrite the Australian Standards and 2010-2014, to rewrite the International Standards for the Beauty Industry. Robyna is passionate about the use of Essential Oils, their healing and beautifying properties. Oils are extracted from herbs, roots, and flowers and then employed in treatments such as massage, reflexology, smell-therapy, bathing - techniques, acupressure and cosmetic preparations. Essential oils are used to strive for balance - in physical, mental and spiritual health. Not only is Aromatherapy aimed at healing, relieving and eliminating health problems but, also is very concerned with the prevention of disease and the promotion of health and happy living. This book follows:- The International Standards For The Beauty Industry SIBBBOS505A
Books Quick Guide
Aromatherapy - Healing & Relaxing with Essential Oils
Bear This In Mind
Scientific Medicine
Important Factors - Aromatherapy.
Essential Oils Are:-
Essential Oils Common Benefits:-
Essential Oils Origin:-
The Medicines Of The Earth
History of Aromatherapy
Making Orange Oil At Home.
Basics of Essential Oils
Extraction Methods
Carrier Oils
Carrier Oil Keeping Factors
Carrier Oil Clarification
Chemistry And Effects
Essential Oils Graphs
Essential Oils: Names-Descriptions
Essential Oil - Heredity
Methods Of Use
Sitz Bath
Hand And Foot Soaks
Compress Application Hot-Cold
Skin Has Three Layers
Best Time To Apply Oils.
Entering The Skin.
The Circulation, Muscles & Joints
Respiratory System
Digestive System
Genitro-Urinary System
Making Skin Care
Eye Makeup Remover.
Quick Fix Moisturizer
Night Creams
Night Cream-Bees Wax
Skin Peels
Exfoliate:-Skin Peel Your Body
Large Jar of Exfoliators
Skin Peel Your Face.
Body Scrub.
Face Mask Recipes
Clay Masks
Beauty Slant Position
Skin Ages Every Day As Do We.
Needs For Blending & Handling Essential Oils
Lip Balms
Bath Oils
Relaxation And Skin Repairs
For Pure Relaxation
In 100 ml Olive Oil Add
Aching Legs and Muscles
Best Sunscreen
After Sun
Bath Bombs Bliss Bombs
Bath Bombs Bliss Bombs Acid & Base Combo
Powdered Ingredients
Fastening And Binding Agents
Oil Based Fastening And Binding Agents
Water Based Binding Agents
Basic Bath Bomb Recipe
Relaxation Bombs
Bath Salts
Cover Old Bottles
Safe Essential Oils
Blending Tables
Blending For Body
Blending For The Face
Blending For Pregnancy And Baby
Blending Table Chart
Blending Factors:
Lower Raise Or Regulate
During Labor:
Method During Labor:
Blends To Use:
To Increase Lactation:
To Lift Your Mood Each Day:
Exhaustion Mix
Delivery Room
Post-Natal Depression
Toxic Oils
Defining What Is "Toxic."
Not To Be Used On Skin Or Inhaled Directly
Oils To Be Avoided Under Some Conditions
Safe Oils For Lactation:
Fragrance Oils
Happiness Messages
Negative Feelings
Colour Therapy
Colours Consumers Prefer
About The Author
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A - Z List Ailments & Recipes
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